What’s the best paying gig in Real Estate?

I have been asking my social media contacts this question:

What is the best paying gig in real estate?

Common answers include:

  • Brokers working hot markets
  • Fix and flippers
  • Realtors working with 1st time home buyers (not really an answer lol – I just threw it in the mix for fun)
  • Some others said wholesalers and landlords and note investors…

The truth is that the best paying gig in real estate is:


Learn to find off-market deals and structure the deal with seller financing and you can do great.

Maybe you can have the owner carry financing with 2% financing, like Anto recently bought 2 town homes (I still love your deal Anto).

Maybe you can be like my good friend Michael Jake in Colorado and build a portfolio with subject to deals.

Maybe you can get zero interest (My favorite)!

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Now is the time to capitalize!

Learn the secrets to buy houses without a bank, without a broker, without your cash or credit.

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Happy House Hunting!