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How to talk with motivated sellers in 5 easy steps

By Jim Ingersoll
What do you say to the motivated seller who calls you on the phone?
You don’t want to waste your time with people who aren’t
motivated to sell.

Here are five specific steps to make sure you maximize your
experience and find out the seller’s true level of

I hope you enjoy our latest blog article in both video and written formats for you:

How to Connect With a Motivated Seller in 5 Easy Steps

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Calculate your max offer & more with RehabValuator

By Jim Ingersoll

Your lead generation has paid off big time with phone calls from motivated sellers.

Now you need to visit the seller face to face and belly to belly,build rapport,

tour the home, determine the repairs needed and calculate your max offer…

First, let me give you a done for you solution.  A good friend of mine, Daniil Kleyman

created rehabvaluator with the rehabber, wholesaler and flipper in mind!


Here is the link to his great software package for you to try a free version right now:


Now, that I gave you the done for you solution, along with a TON of other features for rehabbers and wholesalers, I will show you how

to calculate your max offer…

Max offer = ARV * .7 – Repairs – Wholesaling Fee (if wholesaling)

ARV – After Repair Value = $100,000

Repairs estimate:  $10,000

Wholesaling or assignment profit:  $5,000

Calculate max offer:

$100,000 x .7 = $70,000

Then subtract out the repairs and the wholesaling or assignment profit as follows:

$70,000 – $10,000 – $5,000

Max offer is:  $55,000

Not hard right?

BUT if you do a lot of these, I highly recommend you use RehabValuator.  It can also create flyers, do all

the analysis you could ever imagine!  Here is the link again for you, download the FREE version now.
Here is the link to his great software package for you to try a free version right now:


Now, get some great leads and make some offers to buy houses at the best prices of our generation!


3 Ways to Establish Your Success Path For Real Estate Investing

By Jim Ingersoll
Are you ready to crush it with some great investing strategies?

The middle of each year is the perfect time to amp up your
focus and execute your plans to gain momentum from day one.

Here is how to do it:

1.  Write down your goals.  Doesn’t that sound SO EASY.  It is SO EASY that only
the top 3% ever actually do it.  Start with a transparent look at where you are at right now.

Do you need more money?
Hate your job?
Saving for retirement or your kids education?
Worried about preserving your capital in tough times?

The truth is every person reading this posting has needs.  Some people do not have enough money and others
have a LOT but are really worried about lack of returns in CD’s and their ability to preserve their capital during
our challenging times.

Now that you know exactly where you are starting you can formulate your goals. Break your goals into short-term and long-term

2.  Invest in yourself.  I am a life-time learner.  I didn’t stop learning once I had my Masters in Engineering Management.  Regardless if you
have a high school diploma or a PhD or are serving our country in the Military, you can commit to investing in yourself.  I have recently received
a number of emails from people who read my books over the holidays.  I love to interact with readers!  It lets me know you are serious about
investing in yourself.  Commit to read or listen to a book every week.  Immerse yourself into the articles I have written for you.
Participate in a real estate forum and ask questions.   Here are links that will help you with each of these ways to invest in yourself:

Real Estate Investing Forum

Real Estate Investing Blog

Real Estate Investing Home Study Training

3.  Transactional or Passive Income Streams:

Now that you know where you are at, where you are heading and have committed to invest in yourself you can determine
if you need transactional or passive income streams.

Are you a brand-new investor?  If so, you should learn to wholesale houses.  This is a risk free way to invest in real estate and learn to
do deals while creating a nice stream of income.  It is the income stream that allowed me to leave my corporate America job several years ago.
Here are some wholesaling houses resources for you.

Wholesaling Houses Free Training

Maybe you are ready to fix and flip a house this year.

Here are some fix and flip resources for you.
Flipping Houses Free Training

If you have already started investing, now is the best time of our generation to buy and hold real estate assets.  The key to buying
rentals is to eliminate banks and succeed massively.

Here are private lending resources for you so you can fire your bank this year and build a portfolio of rental properties:

Free Private Lending Free Training

Joint venture real estate Free Training

Private Lending Video training

Read through the materials, join me in the forum at CREonline, watch the YouTube videos and formulate a detailed plan that meets your investing needs.
Shoot me an email if you want a copy of my private lending special report or you have specific questions on investing.

Your plan needs to be detailed and specific and ultimately lead to your financial freedom!

Jim Ingersoll

Author, Real Estate Entrepreneur and Coach






Jim Ingersoll – Cash Flow Video Blog

By Jim Ingersoll
Hi Everyone

Here is a special video update for you.

I thought this would allow us to connect more personally as I shot this in my office this morning for you to discuss goals, cash flow streams and more.  Leave me a comment and share this posting.  Let me know if you have cash flow questions, like this format, etc….

I have also uploaded a few other new video segments to my YouTube Channel and you can check them out right here.  These are from our boot camp in Richmond… enjoy!


Jim Ingersoll Investing YouTube Channel

Happy House Hunting To You!



Creating Wealth and Cash Flow

Creating Wealth and Cash Flow

By Jim Ingersoll

I have had some Fantastic Coaching sessions recently focusing on creating wealth and cash flow by investing in real estate.

Here is a short summary of some of the content covered:

  • Just because you have a high credit score and the ability to get some bank financing doesn’t mean it makes sense to do so because of things like the never-ending sea of underwriting criteria that invades privacy, personal guarantees that are full-recourse and put all your other assets at risk, etc. Plus, so many people have marginal credit and limited cash reserves in this economy. No one should be left out and be excluded from capitalizing in today’s real estate market.
  • Debt is needed to build your assets, cash flow and net worth but it is a double edged sword that can crush your investment model if not managed carefully. Real estate is a debt intensive business, but when the debt is managed properly (i.e. Without banks) it can be used to highly leverage real estate in a safe manner that provides fantastic returns
  • Skills to go direct to seller, negotiate low or no interest owner financing are huge in todays marketplace
  • Structuring joint ventures with private lenders will allow you to build a big portfolio of rental properties without your own cash and without banks.
  • We are starting to see appreciation!  It has been missing in recent years, but will have a huge impact as it compounds and values grow.  If you have a $1,000,000 of assets and we receive 4% appreciation for the next 5 years, the value of the portfolio will go up to $1,216,652 just with appreciation!

Want to join in our monthly coaching with other investors from coast to coast? It is a great environment for learning how to put the pieces together and start to build wealth and cash flow today. The cost is just $97 per month and here is link to register Now!

Coaching With Jim Ingersoll

You would not set out driving from Boston to Miami without a road map right?

Establishing your financial future is much the same way, you need to know your starting point and where you need to end up. Once you know starting and ending, you can fill in the “Roads” that lead to your end point.

In real estate the roads for success include acquisitions strategies, private lenders, property management, tax strategies, etc.


Plan to join us in Richmond, VA June 7 -8 for Jim’s Flipping Houses Academy!

This is only being offered for the first 20 registrants!

Here is the info to register:

Flipping Houses Academy Boot camp

Enter in promo code:   fiftyoff

You will receive $50 off the admission of $297 and still get to bring a guest for free. You will also receive a TON of unanounced bonus materials!

Talk about a great return on investment. Really, besides the $50 off, the free bonuses ask yourself what it is worth to have a your personal real estate roadmap What is the value of learning to create your own plan and be able to execute steps that lead to your financial freedom? It is PRICELESS and that is Why you should register today and join us on June  in Richmond, VA.

Flipping Houses Academy Boot camp

“There is no better day than today to plan your future” Jim Ingersoll

To Your Success!


Wholesaling houses or buying rental property?

If you read my first book, “Investing Now,” the second chapter is titled “Cash for today or Wealth For Tomorrow.”

If you had to answer that question, what would your answer be?  BOTH, is what I would guess most of you would say! The question is fundamental to your investing model.  Many people start off wholesaling and flipping houses retail and never make the transition from transactional income streams into long-term wealth building and residual income streams.

When I fist left corporate America I had to immediately replace my income from my JOB, so I began wholesaling and that allowed me to leave the corporate life.

This picture is a visual of the difference between transactional income and residual income and wealth building so I wanted to share this story.  I was driving through Church Hill in Richmond with my daughter Melisa the other day and she said “Dad!  I can’t believe those big dogs are on the porch roof of that house.”  I pulled over to take a look and realized she was right, there were big dogs on the roof.  I then explained to her that I use to own that house, for exactly one day.  You see, I sold it wholesale to a good friend of mine.  Who got what in this deal?  Well, I am sure I received an assignment type wholesale fee for selling it to my friend.  Let’s say it was $4,000, though I have no idea to be honest.  What did my friend receive?

He got the house, which is a nice real estate asset.  What else did he get?

He got some instant equity because I am sure I sold it pretty reasonably priced.  What else did he get?

CASH FLOW!  Right, for 4 years he has been renting this house out and receiving positive rental cash flow.  So who got the best deal?  I got the one time assignment fee for wholesaling it and he received long term cash flow every month, equity and ALL the tax benefits associated with owning real estate.

I think the need for good wholesalers is surging like a tsunami right now!  That is good news for everyone need to create income for today.

However, DO NOT lose sight of the long term game plan to collect real estate assets, rent them out and receive positive monthly cash flow.  Wholesaling is good income for today, but the strategies of buy and hold will create your WEALTH for tomorrow!

What is your game plan for this year with your plan?


What is wholesaling?

My new book, “Cash Flow Now: How to Create Multiple Streams Of Real Estate Income” should be published in early May.  As we move towards publishing I want to highlight the various income streams in video format using a teaching format with power point.  The first one I have completed is titled “What is wholesaling?”  Wholesaling houses is making a strong comeback as foreclosures and REOs are becoming harder to get due to multiple offers, owner occupied only wait periods and the Fannie Mae flips where they update houses with paint and carpeting.

A lot of people still get stuck on trying to understand what it means to wholesale a house and how the transaction between a motivated seller and an investor buyers works.  Check out the video and consider sharing it, leaving comments, etc.  Wholesaling is what led me out of Corporate America and into real estate full time.  I became a high volume wholesaler and wholesaled over 100 houses in a year.  It is a lot of work to wholesale hundreds of houses lol.  Wholesaling is a tool in your toolbox that can put some cash in your pocket so I hope you enjoy!  The video will provide a foundation for wholesaling, if you want more information you will definitely want to read Chapter 5 in my new book and continue your journey to understanding wholesaling.

Let me know if you like this video style…


The Rise Of Wholesaling Houses


In speaking with investors all over the country the general trend is that it is becoming harder to find great deals with the typical REO foreclosures and HUD homes.


Is that true in your market?  Leave me a comment and let me know.  There are a lot of reasons why we can’t access the foreclosure shadow inventory including:

1.  Fannie flips – Fannie mae light fix ups and sell for more money

2.  Non-investor bid:  Longer and more frequent non-investor bid periods on new listings

3.  Bulk sales:  2500 homes at a time being offered to hedge funds who buy them all and hold them as rentals

4.  Multiple offers:  Landlord buyers and Flippers are having trouble finding good distressed inventory and all the great ones are receiving multiple offers.

I believe all these changes are leading to a rise in demand of the wholesaler OR the investor who is willing to market to find his/her own houses direct from sellers.

Wholesaling is how I broke away from my corporate job and it is almost like printing money as you get to sell houses you don’t yet own and buy them with the money you don’t have!  Got that?  It can be a hard concept to grasp for most people.  Basically the wholesaler finds a highly motivated seller, gets an option to buy a house and then sells the option to an investor who wants the house.  The wholesaler makes money in the middle of the transaction for facilitating the deal between the motivated seller and the investor buying the house.  When the property goes to closing the wholesaler needs NO money and walks away with a check!  Not a bad deal at all!

If you want to keep buying distressed property and not be held up from suppressed foreclosure inventory, you will want to market for your own houses or consider working with a great wholesaler.  If you need to create an immediate income stream and don’t have money to buy houses, you can learn to get into the middle of a lot deals as a wholesaler.


Life in the middle is the wholesalers mantra!  Collect as much money in the middle of as many deals as you want.  Each closing is a payday and life is good in today’s market.  Below is a picture of one of the many investor bus tours we conducted here in Richmond, VA.  We would load up a 55 passenger bus and wholesale about 7-8 houses in a day.  It was a lot of fun, if you were on one of my bus tours I would love to say hello so email me direct at

Do you want to learn to wholesale and get into the middle of a lot of deals?  Maybe you would be perfect for my coaching program to learn exactly how to do it.  Click this link, fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page and I will send you the information and application.

Life in the middle is great, come on in!

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Happy House Hunting

Jim Ingersoll