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By Jim ingersoll

When you focus on the cash flow for your investments, everything else works out fine! The key to real estate is to buy it on-sale (great price), buy it without needing your own cash, without your credit and without a bank!

Focus on your intellectual capital to learn how to invest, then focus on relational capital and everything else will come together for you!

Simply put that is the secret sauce of investing in real estate and succeeding!



How to win as an investor

Do you like to play baseball, golf and tennis in the summer? What fun would be if you played sports and did not keep score? When you don't keep score you tend to lose complete focus on your goal of winning!  The same can be true when investing.  If you don't stay...

Top 3 Reasons To Invest In Single Family Homes

Top 3 Reasons To Invest In Single Family Homes Here are 3 reasons to invest in singly family homes.  One of the incredible benefits of investing in real estate is that you can choose to invest in a number of different asset classes including: Commercial, Multi-Family,...

Motivation for real estate investors part I

Monday Morning Motivation for real estate investors! Today is a great day to invest.  Remove your distractions and focus on your deals this week. What is the #1 skill your need to improve so you can do deals?  Finding motivated sellers, finding money for your deals,...

Step by step process to wholesale houses

The market is ripe to dominate if you have the ability to find motivated sellers and wholesale houses.  Many investors struggle understanding the process and paperwork flow when starting to wholesale houses.  Enjoy this video of a case study that goes one step at a...

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