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Capture your Edge [Training Clip] for you

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making money with real estate
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If Not you need to do soon because this week we got a bunch of hungry
investors who did register.

Can you make it in May?

I know you are interested… ust want to make sure that you have
the latest information so you don’t miss out.
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I have snuck in a 2nd video for you to check out on tax-free investing, so be sure to click through on this link and you can learn something today 🙂

Look forward to connecting face to face in May and helping you grow your network, cash flow and long term wealth!


Jim Ingersoll



59 FREE Real Estate Training Videos You Will Love

Here is my collection of 59 FREE real estate investing training videos.

Grab Your FREE investing kit Now- How to get set up as a real estate investor with the right foundation.  Here is a great toolbox that will help you get started.

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Want to learn about wholesaling?

How about fixing and flipping?

Being a landlord?

Joint ventures, private money deals?

Seller financing?

GREAT news, follow the link below to over 59 free training videos available to you now.  Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to get updates when I add more

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dollars and lightbulbs

To help make it easier for you, here are 5 of the 59 you should check out now:

Recurring income 250x250

1.  Why invest with private lenders —> Click here

2.  How to leverage real estate acquisitions without your own money —> Click here

3.  Must know financial starting points –> Click here

4.  Investing with retirement accounts, health savings & educational savings

—>  Click here

5.  How to rehab houses —>   Click here


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Thankful for Savings, Cash Flow & Profits

I am incredibly thankful for so much and that includes everyone in my Investing Now network!  You Rock the investing world everyday with incredible deals!


Let’s celebrate Thanksgiving 5 Ways today!

Learn to earn with our 1/2 Price sale Thanksgiving Weekend ONLY!

You will pay half price when you go to the shopping cart, so whatever price you see on the main pages will drop in HALF when you go to check out….

1. Brand new investor? Start here with the most affordable training on the planet:

Invest $3.50 and learn to find your own motivated sellers. This training flat out works, has been used in tons of markets by tons of investors. You also get training on screening sellers and more.

Find motivated sellers $3.50 training —> Click here

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2. Learn to crank out some nice wholesale fee’s at $5 – 10k per deal. Easy way to start without needing any of your own money. This training is normally $97.00 but today it is 1/2 price and just $48.50

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4. Do you know the best paying gig in real estate? Did you say: Realtor, flipper, landlord? Not really… but learn to creatively structure seller financing with sub 2 deals, lease options and have the seller be your bank!

Seller financing training for just $48.50 —-> Click here

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5. Are you one of the investors who wanted to attend my Boot Camps but could not make it? Check out these 2 offers that are very affordable and you will get a crazy amount of pure content training on investing the right way!

1. Ultimate freedom without banks: $14.50 —> Click here

2. Deal Maker Boot Camp: $33.50 —> Click here now

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WOW! Congrats on taking steps toward success!

Enjoy the Turkey and learn to slice and dice some deals this weekend!

Email me with any questions:


Your 3 Step Investing Plan!

Grab Your FREE investing kit Now- How to get set up as a real estate investor with the right foundation.  Here is a great toolbox that will help you get started.

 Grab your kit now —->  Click here for YOUR free kit

Congratulations! You recognize that today’s real estate investing opportunities are the best that we have experienced in many years. But real estate appears to be so complicated and risky that you never do your first deal.

Real estate investing quotes

Are you prepared and know exactly what strategy to use to succeed?

Many new real estate investors get stuck at the starting line, and so many others start down the wrong path. How can you avoid the mistakes and risks associated with being a brand new real estate investor?

What Should You Do First?

What should you do first? They make “fixing and flipping” look so easy and profitable on TV , so why not fix and flip a house?

Some guru’s say just take over someone’s payments and do “subject-to” deals. Other guru’s say invest in tax liens, lease options, use hard money lenders, or just buy houses with cash and rent them out.

What about wholesaling? Why do gurus make it so complicated now? New wholesaling terminology comes out every couple weeks. It’s flipping houses, flipping contracts, virtual wholesaling, front flip, back flip, sideways flip, and so on.

I just have to laugh at all the hocus pocus. Wholesaling is…well, just that. Buy low, sell higher. No matter what you call it, that’s what it is. Done the right way, it’s simple, easy, and very low risk.

It Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated – Start with Wholesaling

The good news is that investing in today’s market is very forgiving if you apply some simple concepts and follow some simple steps to minimize your risk.  Instead of starting with complicated transactions that are speculative and risky, why not start creating income by wholesaling houses?

When you wholesale houses, you learn to buy houses directly from sellers, without needing a bank and without needing an agent or broker. You learn to control real estate without owning it.  By controlling it, you gain equitable interest, and you can assign or sell your interest to another real estate investor.

You learn about contracts and about the settlement process, without the risk of attempting a complicated transaction. Wholesaling teaches rookie real estate investors to do some deals, create income, and learn about real estate investing without risk. It’s not complicated when you follow the right roadmap.

Add “Buy and Hold” for Cash Flow and Long-Term Wealth

After you learn to do some wholesale deals and enjoy your success, you will gain the confidence that will lead you to wanting to buy and hold. That is the key to long-term wealth and residual cash flow streams.

The key to buy and hold with minimal risk is buying the right house at the right price without needing a bank and becoming a great property manager.

Your wholesaling transactions will teach you to buy houses directly from the seller with the big discounts that minimize your risk. Once you begin to buy and hold without banks, you can create excellent cash flow while building your net-worth with a portfolio of rentals.

Fix and Flip – For Experience Investors Only

Along the way, you may want to venture into the fix and flip arena. Trust me, this is the riskiest form of short-term investing, and there are a lot of moving parts.

You have to buy the right house, at the right price, get the renovations done, and resell the house for a quick profit. The good news is that this is working great in most markets right now, but you need to follow specific steps to make it work well.

You Need a Road map

If you were driving from Boston to San Francisco, you would not venture out without a roadmap and a specific plan. The same is true of your real estate investing plans. Don’t jump in blindly and get off to a bad start. Choose your investments and strategies wisely, create a specific step-by-step plan, then execute it while minimizing risk and maximizing your profit.  Don’t let the jargon and latest guru craze of the day prevent you from creating your personal road map.  It all starts with your personal starting point and where you want to be 6 month, 3 years and 5 years from right now.

Not sure how to start?  Leave me a comment or email me at


Ditch your banker and your broker this week

let me just say it…
I love getting seller financed deals
no brokers, no bankers involved for these deals
they are not on the MLS, but you know how to find off-market deals now right?
if not, learn the secret with my $7.00 training –>Click here for off market deals
 Check out this email below I received yesterday.
Join our cash flow facebook group now —> Click here
Back to seller financing… simply put nothing really beats it.
As Jeff Zickefoose said in our Cash Flow facebook group this week
“For keepers I will take terms over price”
Jeff is right!  Getting a seller to sell the house AND finance your house is the way to go.
Want to learn how to structure deals like this?
There are a number of ways to structure these deals so in my training I cover all 3 including:
1.  subject to
2.  Owner carry (my personal favorite)
3.  Lease options
This training is still just $47 and the feedback has been excellent.  It includes detailed video training and the documentation required.  In the near future the price is going to increase, so I suggest you get it soon.
Learn to create deals and succeed with OPM!
All my best
ps –  Click the facebook link above and join our community in some awesome investing discussions with investors from all over the place.

How to get started OR get to the next level investing

Here is a common question I am receiving each week:

How do I get started?

How do I get to the next level?

Grab your FREE copy of my investors kit:

Click here to get your FREE kit

There are so many strategies and sub-strategies that make it hard to figure the whole investing world out.  It can be cryptic and confusing….

To get started you really need to examine your starting point.

Do you need more income fast?  So you can pay down debt, save for your kids college, quit your JOB, etc.

Write down your income goals for this year, 2015 and 2016.

How to get started

Recurring income 250x250

If you are in the category of needing more cash soon then you will need to invest for transactional income streams:

1.  Wholesaling —>  I will have training wholesaling soon (common question)

2.  Fix and Flip —>  More info here
You will want to learn to find your own deals

—> Check this out for $7.00 to learn how to do it

There is a ton of confusing stuff out there that confuses newbies.  Don’t worry about setting up your LLC’s, using Land Trusts, Virtual Flipping & whatever the trend of the day is…

Find a deal, negotiate it and MAKE SOME MONEY first…


Here is a homework assignment —  Call 10 for sale by owners today (find them on Zillow, Trulia,, Craigslist or your paper).  Call them up and ask them why they are selling, how soon they want to close and what the best price they could give you….  GET COMFORTABLE talking to sellers TODAY and you dont need any course to get that started!  Email me back and let me know how it goes today!

 How to get to the next level

IF you have enough income, but are ready to change to more residual income streams and longer term wealth building so you can prepare for things like retirement, generational wealth buiilding, etc then you will want to build income producing assets.

Your key to getting to the next level is to remove your barriers which prevent you from scaling your portfolio.  For most investors that barrier is having the right acquisitions strategy.

Learn to find and get seller financing (I got two in the past 2 weeks.  These are not MLS deals and not deals with Bankers OR Brokers).

Deal Maker seller financing—–>  More info here

Cash flow is the gift that keeps on GIVING.  Learn to create it so it can sustain you each and every month.

Learn to create cash flow —> Click here

Take your first steps OR take steps to that next level!

Remove barriers, get rid of the word FEAR and make it happen NOW!

All my best


Why not you?

Why not you?

Did you watch the Super Bowl?


A lot of inspiration came from Russell Wilson

When he repeated the words of his father

“Russ, why not you?”

He challenged his entire team with that

One statement, “Why Not You

Now is a great time to start your cash flow journey

Start right here and learn how to find motivated sellers

Find Motivated Sellers Here

And that is my question today…

Why not you?

Why not create wealth?

Why not create cash flow?

Why not pay off your debt?

Why not be ready to retire?

Why not be ready to quit your job?

No holds barred in 2014!

Now is the time for action, to move forward and create your opportunity!

The best way to start is learning to connect with motivated sellers.

But is there a way to do it without spending a small fortune

On marketing?
On bandit signs?
On yellow letters?
On postcards?

The answer is a simple yes…

Watch this short video where I explain how you can

Find motivated sellers without spending a DIME!

Motivated Sellers Video

All My Best To You


Ken in Charlotte sent me an email yesterday on using my Code Violator Marketing I give in this video and he found leads on 150 houses that others in his market do not have.  Those leads did not cost him a DIME!  You can learn how Ken did it…

Learn to find motivated sellers


2 FREE Real Estate Investing Gifts for you today…


Hi Everyone
I hope you are having an awesome summer!

I can not believe 2013 is more then half over.  I hope you are crushing the goals you set for yourself this year!

I have 2 FREE items for you today and I hope you take action to grab them both right now.


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That’s it!

Take advantage of this opportunity today to invest in yourself and learn to earn!

Buy some houses, exceed your goals and all my BEST to you!



3 Free Real Estate Investing Tools for you today…

By Jim Ingersoll

You guys and gals in my Investing Now community are amazing! 

I am giving 3 freebies away today to each of you.


1. FREE Webinar Training – We got incredible feedback on this training last week and you will love it!  Learn to become a property owner and build long-term, residual income streams with Real Estate.  The best part is I will teach you how to do it without cash, without having good credit and without ever having done your first deal.  Join me on this webinar today and enjoy this FREE Training right now.

FREE training webinar on becoming property owner without banks


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3.  FREE software – IF you are buying houses, it is super important that you dial in your rehab budget and know your max offer.  The best way to do it is with this software package, created by my buddy Daniil Kleyman.  He offers a “LITE” version of it for free and when you love it you can upgrade to the Full version.  I would not recommend investing with out it.  Here is the link to your free software:

FREE software for your deals



Market is RED HOT and now is the time for Action!  Join me on the call tonight, get your free software and request your free private lending book!


All MY best to each of you!


Join me tonight!

By Jim Ingersoll

I know it can be difficult to get started investing in
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