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Learn to buy and hold real estate investments

Step by step real estate income stream plan

There are a lot of ways to invest, but the very best way that has created more real estate wealth than any other way is…

Invest in the true hard assets (houses and multi-family properties)

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How would you like to learn to create nice monthly, recurring income from your investments that is NOT dependent on you finding more wholesale deals or closing more deals at all?

dollars and lightbulbs

The stumbling block is always cash and credit for the investor.

I have some great news today because you are INVITED to my webinar where I am going to tear down your stumbling blocks, remove your hurdles and show you a nice, clear path with step by step instructions on how to create your monthly recurring income streams the right way!

The Right way is:

– Using none of your own cash
– Using none of your credit
– NOT relying on banks or portfolio lenders at all


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I will show you how to create your investing criteria, find private individuals to fund your deals for you and great long-term, recurring income streams from your investments the right way!

“Learn How To Build A Portfolio Of Income-Building Properties That Bring You Large, Passive Income Month After Month With No Cash Or Credit Of Your Own.”

Invest the right way and succeed big-time now!

Step by step real estate income stream plan


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Free stuff & more…

One thing I know for sure is everyone loves FREE!
The foundation of being an investor is getting great deals and today I have 3 of them for YOU.
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Real estate market is hot
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Thanks for being AWESOME and Happy House Hunting!

How to screen your tenants!

Screening tenants is ultra important for being a successful land lord!  The questions you need to answer include:

1.  What kind of tenant are you looking for

2.  What kind of credit do you want?

3.  What about criminal background checks?

4.  How do you check former landlord references?

5.  How much income do your tenants need?


Check out this short video where I talk about how to screen your tenants and leave me your comments, questions and be sure to share with your social media contacts!

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The Start To Your Big Money Cash Flow

Great news for you today!

You know there are a number of different ways and strategies to getting paid for your deals, but do you know how to get paid multiple times on one deal?


Let’s go back 12 months to the summer of 2013 for a minute. This is when I met Jared Kott from Chicago. He was just relieved of his duties at the commercial insurance business he worked at and he was forced to quickly decide how to make money!

What did Jared do?

He explored wholesaling and fix and flips…. but he discovered that he gets paid one time! Right, these are ONE AND DONE deals and the challenge with transactional strategies in general!

He then started to learn about residual real estate investing that would pay him monthly for the rest of his life by building his own portfolio.

Ready to learn the step by step blueprint Jared used to build his portfolio to over $20,000 per month in one year?

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Did you read that right?

In one year Jared has built an empire in Chicago and created nice, monthly cash flow from income producing properties to the tune of $20k per month.

His income is received each and every month regardless if he does a new deal or NOT! That is the Beauty of residual income!

Now, your saying to yourself you would love to be like Jared but it takes money to make money…

Well that is just wrong!

You can learn to do these deals without banks, without credit and without your own CASH!

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Don’t miss look back a month from now and wish you had enjoyed this free training!

Take action and take control of your future now.

All my best to you!
I will see you on this webinar!

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What’s the best paying gig in Real Estate?

I have been asking my social media contacts this question:

What is the best paying gig in real estate?

Common answers include:

  • Brokers working hot markets
  • Fix and flippers
  • Realtors working with 1st time home buyers (not really an answer lol – I just threw it in the mix for fun)
  • Some others said wholesalers and landlords and note investors…

The truth is that the best paying gig in real estate is:


Learn to find off-market deals and structure the deal with seller financing and you can do great.

Maybe you can have the owner carry financing with 2% financing, like Anto recently bought 2 town homes (I still love your deal Anto).

Maybe you can be like my good friend Michael Jake in Colorado and build a portfolio with subject to deals.

Maybe you can get zero interest (My favorite)!

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Now is the time to capitalize!

Learn the secrets to buy houses without a bank, without a broker, without your cash or credit.

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Happy House Hunting!


3 FREE real estate investing gifts…

By Jim Ingersoll
3 FREE gifts To help you Warm up, I have collected 3 FREE gifts for you today…

I know it is not Christmas…

but I wanted to give you these 3 items today!


1. Download my latest book for FREE today:

You can download my latest book, “Cash Flow Now” for FREE right now.

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This book is pure cash flow content and you can learn about a lot of different types of investing including wholesaling, fix and flips, buy and holds, private lending and more…

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2.  How to rehab a house to rent...  Video of a rehab A common question I receive is how much work to do on a rehab to rent. Watch this video and I will show you a house I did recently and answer that question for you

How to rehab a house to rent

This video is getting a ton of views so I know it must be relevant content.


3. Rehabvaluator software – The one must-have software package for real estate investors. Download the “Lite” version for free right now:

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Make it happen in 2014!


10 Ways to increase cash flow in your rental properties

By Jim Ingersoll
10 Ways to increase cash flow in your rental properties

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What if you want better cash flow from your rental properties?   The rental market is gaining strength and here are 10 ways to increase your cash flow.

1. Rehab your financing.  IF you use banks, rates are super low right now.  You can likely dramatically increase your cash flow if you refinance to better rates.  Better yet, eliminate the banks entirely and joint venture your rental portfolio.

2.  coin laundry – If you own multi-family, Install coin-operated washing machines.  If you own single family homes, next time your tenant asks for a washer or dryer, offer to rent the machines to them!

Recurring income 728x90

3. Raise the rent.  With the rental market strengthening, we have opportunities to raise rents. Check on the rates for similar units. Are you renting at below-market rates?

4. Rent storage sheds. Especially if your homes are small, your renters may need a place to store their things. Don’t let them spend their money elsewhere on self-storage. Put a sheds on the property.

5. Enforce late fees. It is perfectly fair to have a fee for late payment of rent, and guess what? Those who are chronically late usually don’t even mind – they just don’t look at these things the same way as others.

6. Offer improvements for rent increases. If it’s worth $25 more monthly rent to a tenant, install that dishwasher.  Same is true of a washer/dryer.  How about a big screen TV?

7. Install vending machines. If your rental properties are large enough, others will do this for you for free, and give you a share of the income.

8. Rent by the room. A four-bedroom house might make more money if you include all the utilities and rent by the bedroom. This has made a lot of fortunes for investors in college towns. It does mean a lot of management!  This can be a ton of management issues as well, so be careful!

9. Rent-to-own sale. Usually there’s a non-refundable deposit, and higher than market rents in these deals. When renters change their minds, as they often do, you got the deposit and better cash flow. This is great when poor cash flow makes you want to sell. You either sell or get the better cash flow as you repeat the process.

10. Reduce expenses. Every dollar of expense you cut goes straight to the bottom line. List every expense of your rental properties, and look at them one at a time. How can you reduce them?

How many more ways are there to save and increase cash flow?  Leave your list in the comments below and let’s help each other along the way.


How to buy and prepare a house to rent

This is a house we bought recently and I captured video as we worked on it.  You will see demo, hvac, new kitchen, roofing, etc. as it is happening at the house.  You will see some video of contractors as well.

We purchased this house on a joint venture agreement, using a self directed IRA to fund.  We renovated it and rented it for $1245 per month which provides great cash flow without having to use a bank.

Want to learn to deals like this?  Email me direct at and I will share 3 ways you can get the information you need to get deals done without banks.


3 Ways to Establish Your Success Path For Real Estate Investing

By Jim Ingersoll
Are you ready to crush it with some great investing strategies?

The middle of each year is the perfect time to amp up your
focus and execute your plans to gain momentum from day one.

Here is how to do it:

1.  Write down your goals.  Doesn’t that sound SO EASY.  It is SO EASY that only
the top 3% ever actually do it.  Start with a transparent look at where you are at right now.

Do you need more money?
Hate your job?
Saving for retirement or your kids education?
Worried about preserving your capital in tough times?

The truth is every person reading this posting has needs.  Some people do not have enough money and others
have a LOT but are really worried about lack of returns in CD’s and their ability to preserve their capital during
our challenging times.

Now that you know exactly where you are starting you can formulate your goals. Break your goals into short-term and long-term

2.  Invest in yourself.  I am a life-time learner.  I didn’t stop learning once I had my Masters in Engineering Management.  Regardless if you
have a high school diploma or a PhD or are serving our country in the Military, you can commit to investing in yourself.  I have recently received
a number of emails from people who read my books over the holidays.  I love to interact with readers!  It lets me know you are serious about
investing in yourself.  Commit to read or listen to a book every week.  Immerse yourself into the articles I have written for you.
Participate in a real estate forum and ask questions.   Here are links that will help you with each of these ways to invest in yourself:

Real Estate Investing Forum

Real Estate Investing Blog

Real Estate Investing Home Study Training

3.  Transactional or Passive Income Streams:

Now that you know where you are at, where you are heading and have committed to invest in yourself you can determine
if you need transactional or passive income streams.

Are you a brand-new investor?  If so, you should learn to wholesale houses.  This is a risk free way to invest in real estate and learn to
do deals while creating a nice stream of income.  It is the income stream that allowed me to leave my corporate America job several years ago.
Here are some wholesaling houses resources for you.

Wholesaling Houses Free Training

Maybe you are ready to fix and flip a house this year.

Here are some fix and flip resources for you.
Flipping Houses Free Training

If you have already started investing, now is the best time of our generation to buy and hold real estate assets.  The key to buying
rentals is to eliminate banks and succeed massively.

Here are private lending resources for you so you can fire your bank this year and build a portfolio of rental properties:

Free Private Lending Free Training

Joint venture real estate Free Training

Private Lending Video training

Read through the materials, join me in the forum at CREonline, watch the YouTube videos and formulate a detailed plan that meets your investing needs.
Shoot me an email if you want a copy of my private lending special report or you have specific questions on investing.

Your plan needs to be detailed and specific and ultimately lead to your financial freedom!

Jim Ingersoll

Author, Real Estate Entrepreneur and Coach






Are you ready for investing in 2013?

Right now is the time to get ready for 2013!

How much more cash flow do you need?

How many houses will it take to increase your cash flow to meet that goal?

“There is no better day then today to plan your future” Jim Ingersoll

That quote is on the back of my “Cash Flow Now” book and I do love it! You can get my book on Amazon, Kindle or paperback, with this link

Cash Flow Now by Jim Ingersoll

As a side note – If you have read one of my 2 books, PLEASE leave me a review. I greatly appreciate all reviews.

3 Things to begin to prepare you for 2013:

1. Read my book cash flow now and determine if you are going after transactional income (flipping houses, wholesaling) and/or  passive income (rental portfolio, private lending)

2. Join me at my Mastermind meeting this thursday December 6th. Email me for details:

3. Join me at our lunch-time webinar with Selina Stoller today as we dig into the real estate note business.

Phone number: (206) 402-0100
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To attend, visit:
Jim Ingersoll and Selina Stoller Free Investing Webinar

4. Email me for my special report on Private Lending, ok I added a 4th item as a freebie for you today – Enjoy!  Email Jim :

Set your goals now and lets get your game plan together so you can hit the road running in 2013.

I have some big nationwide type announcements coming for January that will allow me to connect with you regardless of where you call home… stay tuned!

Happy House Hunting!