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Gold investments that are worth it

Gold investments that are worth it

Physical gold remains an important asset to investors simply because it’s a universal currency that is held by central banks around the world. The fact that it’s a finite currency, meaning it can’t be minted forever due to the limited amount of gold that can be mined, makes it rare and tradable for a high price. Gold is also used as hedge against a bad market since it doesn’t move in line with other securities or even property.

Physical gold investments are there to preserve a person’s wealth – a quality that only physical gold can boast of. Gold mining stocks or even gold-backed ETFs can give an investor exposure to the yellow metal but they don’t preserve wealth. Only when you already have gold in your portfolio should you only consider about getting investments like mining or ETFs in order to have a tool to track gold prices with.

Gold bullion or coins

There’s no better way to get exposure in gold than to invest in the physical metal. The best way to own it is by having direct ownership of the metal and access to a vault of your choice. If you can’t afford a bar, there are gold coins that are much cheaper. Coins are denominated differently (1 full ounce, ½, ¼, and even 1/10) and if you can, only buy in quantity. BullionVault says that investors will pay a premium of around 4% when they buy in bulk and usually about 8% when buying smaller amounts.

There are two gold coins that are currently in demand. One is the South African Kruggerands and the other is the American Gold Eagles. South African Krugerrands have much cheaper premiums than the Gold Eagle so if you’re not planning on selling your gold any time soon, you can go for it. On the other hand, Gold Eagles have higher premiums but have a big market for buyers so it’s easier to liquidate than the Krugerrands.

Gold Certificates

Gold certificates allow investors to have gold investments inside banks. There are two types of gold certificates: those that target allocated accounts, and those that target unallocated accounts. Never buy certificates for an unallocated gold account since they only give you access to buy gold from an unallocated pool of reserves. This means that there’s no guarantee you can exchange your certificates for gold at anytime because banks sometimes liquidate them. Only open an allocated gold account with your bank so that you’ll always have a dedicated amount of gold to liquidate in times of emergency.

Remember, if you can’t hold the gold, you don’t own it. Physical gold investments are the way to go if you want to have something to cover your assets with when the market goes sour.



Don’t listen! Just DO IT!

Don’t over-analyze!
Don’t delay because your not sure what to do first!
Don’t miss the opportunities today!
Don’t listen…  JUST DO IT!


I know jumping in can look scary if you have never done it before!

If you over-analyze, don’t figure out how to do your first deal and don’t invest today where will you be in 6 months?  The same place you are right now…

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Don’t let others tell you that your not good enough or that you don’t have what it takes to succeed!

Don’t let someone else script your life!

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You and only you have the ultimate choices to make!

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Make it happen this year

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Crank up your real estate cash flow asap

Let’s crank up your cash flow faucet.

House and money
One year ago he was working in Chicago at a commercial insurance job, he then lost his job. Lesson #1 – Corporate America is not always Safe & Secure!

Jared was really not happy anyways and he took his job loss as a great opportunity to create the life he really wanted.

He quickly became a student of real estate investing.

He studied:

Wholesaling, Fix and flips and all the other strategies out there.

He KNEW he wanted his residual income streams that work for him, each and every day, whether he was doing deals or not and that is when I met Jared!

Right at that cross road of life, with a Big Time decision to be made!

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This is where he learned about building his wealth, long term net worth and monthly cash flow building a portfolio of properties in Chicago!

Last September he did his very first deal.

Then in October, BAM – 2 more deals….

One by One he built his portfolio over the past year.

“Work on your job, you can make a nice living. Work on yourself and you can build a fortune.” Jim Rohn

That is exactly what Jared did. He invested into his training first, then implemented right in the heart of Chicago…

One property at a time. He defined his exact investing strategy and became a master implementer using OPM (Other Peoples Money) to build his empire!

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How to build your long term, multi-generational wealth and cash flow?

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Today is the day and a Question For You

By Jim IngersollToday is the day!

My 2 books are both available now on Kindle for FREE.

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Question for you:

We are just a few weeks from the start of 2013.  Right NOW is the time to plan out your investing models for next year.

1.  What is the number 1 thing holding you back.  For many it is funding, finding the right houses or just fear.  What is it for you?

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The next 18 – 24 months are likely the best opportunities of our lifetime.  Do not let anything hold you back from the the success YOU deserve!


To 2013 and beyond!



3 Reasons To Be Afraid Of Real Estate

By Jim Ingersoll
The truth is that real estate is still on-sale and great deals are available in every market from Boston to Seattle.  Why then are so many people still afraid of real estate?  

I personally do not believe in ghosts, but I do know that some of the best deals of our generation are available right now and that continues to SCARE some investors.  Here are 3 of the reasons investors are still afraid of real estate.

1.  Money –  I find that investors are not literally afraid of money and they are not afraid of their ability to make money in real estate.  What I find is that they do not have enough money in their checking accounts to allow them to go buy houses.  In the past, investors could easily get a mortgage at the local bank and buy houses with no money down.  The credit crunch drastically changed that scenario and took out tons of investors who can no longer buy houses with easy bank mortgages.  What is the answer then?

Fire your bank and succeed massively!  That sounds great, but how can you do it?  Learn to use private money and joint venture on real estate deals.  Need more information on this topic?  Check out these articles to get your wheels turning and prepare you to buy without the banks.

Invest in real estate with self directed IRA

Joint venture to buy real estate without banks

Build a portfolio of rental properties without money

2.  Brokers – Many investors still are in the mindset that all deals come from banks and brokers.  Without a realtor most investors think they can not find a motivated seller.  The truth is that there are still tons of high equity homes owned across America.  How can you find the ones that that are owned free and clear and have sellers motivated to move them?  That is the key question to your effective marketing campaign.  There are so many ways to reach out and find these sellers.  Everything from bandit signs to post card campaigns, calling burned out landlords and sending out yellow letters work great.  The key to marketing is to focus on who you are reaching out to connect with and be both consistent and persistent in your approach.  Many of the best deals available to real estate investors are never listed with a Realtor and never make it to the MLS.  What are your experiences with marketing?  Greatest challenges?  Leave me a comment to let me know.

3.  Chicken Little Syndrome

Many investors do take the opportunity to invest in themselves and learn to invest, but what holds them back is the FEAR associated with real estate.  Here is some of things that lead them into chicken little syndrome:

  • Numbers –  tie them up in never-ending analysis.  Folks with Science and Math backgrounds, like myself, can get derailed in over-analysis of their deals.


  • What is in the walls?  Yes, some get nervous about the condition of the house and everything frightens them into not moving forward.  These typically include mold, lead based paint, bad roofs, knob and tube wiring, radon gas, infestations and so on….


  • Tenants –  The thought of turning real estate assets over to people you don’t hardly know and expecting them to pay on-time each month and take good care of the property can be scary to many people.  Everyone knows the Landlord horror stories and they SCARE investors into not moving forward.


Don’t allow yourself to be scared out of your future wealth and cash flow.  Make it a priority to address every fear you have.

The truth is today’s real estate market is the perfect storm for investors with tons of great deals on distressed property and high equity property from coast to coast!

Do not look back 5 years from now and wish you had bought a bunch of houses!

Leave me some comments on the fears of real estate and share this article with your facebook, google +, twitter and linked in contacts




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How to buy real estate with private lenders

By Jim Ingersoll
I was at my local bank branch this week

sending out a wire transfer for a closing.

The young banker (in his 30’s) asked me

more about what I do and how I buy property



He then mentioned his grandfather who had

posed the question to his banker grandson,

how can I get a higher return on my

investment savings today? (Bank savings

and CD rates are 2% or less today).

His grandson, not being well-versed in real

estate opportunities, told his grandfather,

“Well, you’ve got to be active about your

investments and get into buying and



Hmmm….not bad advice but not everyone wants to be

involved with transactional income — but many people want

PASSIVE INCOME from their investments.

They don’t want to flip

properties or be the active landlord of

multiple tenant properties.

So what’s the answer, Jim?


Teach them to become your private lender

and joint ventureon your Deals!


“It’s the perfect storm. Real estate is

on sale, credit bank financing is all but

gone, and yet there is literally trillions of

dollars sitting on the sidelines in low or

no-interest bearing accounts looking for a

viable investment home.”


What’s missing? The knowledgeable investor

– the “catalyst” or orchestrator who

can put the deals together, matching private

money deserving buyers and unsold property

inventory to solve a major financial problem

that the conventional markets can’t solve.


Does that sound like opportunity to you?

Whether you are a seasoned active investor or

a passive investor looking for solid secure

investments without doing all of the work, you can learn to

structure real estate deals and change your

investing model and financial future… forever!


Fire your bank and succeed massively in 2013 using Private Lenders.





Finding a realtor – How investors can buy foreclosed homes

Finding a realtor – How investors can do that to buy foreclosed homes

Guest blogger:  Guest post by Gabriel Knight of

If you are a real estate investor, and if you are planning to buy some foreclosed homes, you can try finding a realtor, who in turn is going to help you find the required real estate properties.
A realtor is a real estate agent who is an affiliated professional and is a member of National Association of REALTORS or NAR. Buying foreclosed homes involves various complexities. When a person is not able to save the home through even mortgage refinancing , mortgage refinancing it gets foreclosed.   So, there are some legal matters involved in the process.

In order to find a realtor, you will be need to:

Understand there are differences between experience levels of realtors. Only if you can understand this, it may be possible for you to find the right Realtor for you as a real estate investor. 

Here are steps to take to find a Realtor.

Check with the real estate investing groups and the different investing clubs, realty brokerages in your state and in your locality

1.  Call the realtors and discuss the details with him/her. This not only is going to help you get more acquainted with the realtor, but also to know if he/she is authentic (at least by some levels).

2.  Before signing any contracts with a particular realtor, it is important for you to check the history of the realtor. You may be able to do this from the DPOR or Real Estate Board website of your state. From this website, you will be able to find if there are any complaints against the realtor, and if he/she was involved in any scam and so on.

3.  It is always better to interview different realtors in order to choose the right one as per your needs. Though, it is not always possible to cater to all of the needs, a realtor should be able to understand your needs and find a foreclosed house based on that. So, ask questions and ask for specific referals that in order to decide if a particular realtor will be of any help for you and your investment needs.

4.  In order to decide on the particular realtor, ask for market analysis from them. Choose the one, who according to you, is able to give you the best one, keeping in mind your needs. It is better to get such analysis from the realtors of the same company.

5.  Good realtors are supposed to help you with deciding the value as-is and value after renovations of the home. They do not simply put forward a price for you to choose on with out market comparables.

6.  Find out if the realtor you are going to sign the contract with, is easily accessible.

So, you can see that there are various things that are associated with choosing on the right realtor. It is important for you to choose the right person or realtor for your investment needs.



How I turned $1,500 into a 1,000 Percent Return – Tax-free!

Guest contributor — My good friend, David Phelps.

No, that’s no mistake on the subject line.

This week, among 3 other transactions,
I took $1,500.00 from my daughter’s Roth IRA
and purchased an option interest on a property
that is worth at least $15,000.00 at today’s
market values.

These deals are available in EVERYONE’S
market today – if you are not doing these kind
of deals on a regular basis, you are missing
out on the greatest wealth transfer of our

So… did I do it?

Here’s what I didn’t do…..

I didn’t search Craigslist or the local MLS
for “Options for Sale.”

I didn’t call FSBO signs or ads asking to
“Buy and Option.”

And no one answered my ad “Investor Seeks
Option Contract.”

Nope………none of those.

Here’s what I did……..

I simply surrounded myself with other
like-minded investors and catalysts
entrepreneurs) who are all going in
different directions seeking different

I helped two other REAL PEOPLE (not banks)
put together a great deal that someone else
“found” and from that opportunity, “created”
the option as well as a great deal for
another private lender’s traditional IRA
and helped the entrepreneur/catalyst make a
killer acquistion.

My daughter’s Roth will hold the Option for
the next 5 years and at least generate a profit
of 10X the $1,500.00 investment.

My guess is that it will be closer to 20X.
But 10 X would be ‘good enuf.’

If you aren’t getting these opportunities at
least on a weekly basis, then you are hunting
in the wrong field. Or you just are not open
to what is available.

Either way, you are doing yourself a huge
disservice by not putting some time and effort
into the killer deals that are available
in any market in the U.S. today.

America is on sale!

You need to tap into this sale or forever
hold your peace.

Don’t be one of those who will look back in
5 years and “wonder what happened” and why
you didn’t take action!

To Your Freedom!