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How to find for sale by owner real estate

How to find for sale by owner real estate

There are some easy steps to take when searching to by houses that are for sale by owner.  The key is to know where to look and how to search for them.  Watch this video and take notes on how to do it step by step.

I have bought many houses direct from seller that were listed for sale by owner and this video shows you how to find them.  Once you have them identified just call the seller on the phone or email them.  Ask them why they are selling, what their price is, the condition of the house, etc.  If it is a house that looks good to you, set up a time and meeting to see it in person!

Good luck in your search.  Have any questions just leave them in the comments below and please consider sharing this with your social media contacts!


The first 3 questions to ask when a seller calls you.

A potential motivated seller called & left you a voice mail
now what?
Time to be filled with anxiety and panic?
Heck NO!
They called you because they have some interest in selling their house and you can be the solution to their problem!
Recurring income 250x250
The key is to be able to quickly screen the seller for true motivation, that way you can focus on the vital few rather then those who are just kicking the tires and seeing how this works.
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What can you ask sellers to gauge their motivation?
Question 1: Why are you selling?

After you build a rapport with the seller ask them this, “This sounds like a nice home. Why are you selling it?”

If the seller says something like, “This house has been in our family for years and we have a lot of great memories, so I am not certain why I am selling the house” that is a signal the seller may not be motivated to sell you the house at the discount or with the terms you need to make a deal.

If they reply with something like, “We just inherited the house,” or “We are a behind in our payments” or “Our tenants moved out, and we can’t get the place fixed up,” then you know there is a good chance they are motivated to make a deal with you.

Question 2: If we can agree on price, how soon would you want to close?

This question will help you understand if they are motivated enough for you to make a deal. If they reply back “We are not in a big hurry, so anytime in the next year,” then you will have a hard time making a great deal because they are not motivated enough to sell to you at a price or terms that meet your investment criteria.

If their answer to this question is “We can clean everything out and close in 10 days,” then you know they are highly motivated and will be responsive to the rest of the negotiating process.

Question 3: If we close on your date, what is the lowest price you can accept?

Be sure they know your investor talking with other local sellers and you are looking for the best deal you can make.

Then you ask the big question: “If we can close on the date that works best for you, what is the lowest price you can accept?”

3 EASY questions that make all the difference in establishing which sellers are likely to give you an incredible deal.


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 Learning to ask these questions can make a huge impact on your investing success.  There is one more question, a 4th one, that is critical also.  Do you know what it is?  Email me back by hitting reply to this email.
All My Best
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How to find motivated sellers

By Jim Ingersoll

Most of the very best real estate deals start with a motivated seller.

For instance, a homeowner may be undergoing a sea of emotion and may be more eager to sell than others. Scenarios such as foreclosure, divorce, medical issues, code violations, death in the family-
though quite unfortunate for the homeowners, in reality provides an opportunity for the investor or home buyer to purchase a home for much less than it’s true value.

Instead of thinking of these opportunities as predatory and exploitative of the homeowner, realize that these individuals are eager to sell their homes to resolve a problem-i.e. in a foreclosure or bankruptcy they will have many fees to pay off and as a result must liquidate their assets in order to stay afloat. In the event of a divorce, assets will also have to be redistributed which will incur large legal fees as well, etc. The reasons vary, and the truth is, investors are not only helping themselves with windfall profits but also helping the homeowners in the aforementioned scenarios get out of a financial rut. It’s a win-win, which is what real estate is all about.

So now that you are convinced that the good deals in real estate depend on identifying these motivated sellers, how do you go about and find them?

1. Learn more about it here: Motivated Sellers
2. Sign up for our Personal Affordable Coaching Plan here: Coaching With Jim Ingersoll

Your local County Recorder’s office is an indispensable research source. Put on your CSI thinking caps, and start finding leads!

1. Notice Of Default: available publicly, is a notice that banks send out to borrowers notifying them that they are delinquent on their mortgage payments.

2. Notice To Condemn: notifies the homeowner that their property doesn’t meet zoning or building code requirements for that county.

3. Notice Of Divorce: this happens before the actual divorce, and provides a clue that a divorce will happen in the near future.

4. Delinquent Property Taxes: back taxes that the State will try to recoup one way or another.

5. Probate – Court cases where the beneficiaries live out of State: Out of state beneficiaries may be more eager to sell for a fair range since they do not have an interest in managing the property remotely.

6. Non-owner occupieds – Out of State owners can usually qualify as a possible lead to a good deal.

7. Burned out landlords – the idea behind rentals is that some rentals are on the market, because owners may have tried to sell in the past with no success, and are no stuck with a property that they really don’t want. Look for clues such as broken windows, graffiti, and other tell-tale signs that this property is not highly valued by the current owner.

8: For Sale By Owner – some of these homes may not have enough equity to pay a realtor. These are prime candidates for a subject to type deal.

In all cases, approach as an investor trying to solve a problem they may have be sure you start with listening for their motivation.  Ultimately by demonstrating your sincerity you will be able to also reap benefits from this transaction in the forms of:

1: Lower price offering.

2: Subject to deals

3: Flexible price offering.

4: Low to no down payment required.

Connect yourself to a motivated seller and you can succeed big time!


How to talk with motivated sellers in 5 easy steps

By Jim Ingersoll
What do you say to the motivated seller who calls you on the phone?
You don’t want to waste your time with people who aren’t
motivated to sell.

Here are five specific steps to make sure you maximize your
experience and find out the seller’s true level of

I hope you enjoy our latest blog article in both video and written formats for you:

How to Connect With a Motivated Seller in 5 Easy Steps

Leave me comments to let me know how you enjoyed this one.



Calculate your max offer & more with RehabValuator

By Jim Ingersoll

Your lead generation has paid off big time with phone calls from motivated sellers.

Now you need to visit the seller face to face and belly to belly,build rapport,

tour the home, determine the repairs needed and calculate your max offer…

First, let me give you a done for you solution.  A good friend of mine, Daniil Kleyman

created rehabvaluator with the rehabber, wholesaler and flipper in mind!


Here is the link to his great software package for you to try a free version right now:


Now, that I gave you the done for you solution, along with a TON of other features for rehabbers and wholesalers, I will show you how

to calculate your max offer…

Max offer = ARV * .7 – Repairs – Wholesaling Fee (if wholesaling)

ARV – After Repair Value = $100,000

Repairs estimate:  $10,000

Wholesaling or assignment profit:  $5,000

Calculate max offer:

$100,000 x .7 = $70,000

Then subtract out the repairs and the wholesaling or assignment profit as follows:

$70,000 – $10,000 – $5,000

Max offer is:  $55,000

Not hard right?

BUT if you do a lot of these, I highly recommend you use RehabValuator.  It can also create flyers, do all

the analysis you could ever imagine!  Here is the link again for you, download the FREE version now.
Here is the link to his great software package for you to try a free version right now:


Now, get some great leads and make some offers to buy houses at the best prices of our generation!


It is getting crazy hard to find Cheap Houses Again!

By Jim Ingersoll
As the real estate market gets better, the inventory of distressed properties is getting tighter making it harder for investors
to find the same great deals we have enjoyed the past 3-4 years.  The best REO’s on the MLS are all receiving multiple offers and being bid
way UP in price!  When you have 10 – 20 people bidding on the same house; typically it is no longer a great deal when the price is so much
higher then the list price!

2 Things are happening right now:

1.  The need for good wholesalers is increasing.  These are contract flippers who work the non-MLS motivated seller circuit finding distressed houses for investors.

2.  Investors need to learn to find their own deals, without relying on the MLS.

Want to learn to find your own great deals so you are prepared to succeed?

Can investors buy houses without Brokers and without Banks?

Heck, yes!

Eliminate banks and learn to buy houses directly from the owners and you jump forward while other investors are spinning their wheels.

Here are some of my favorite ways to generate leads and buy houses directly from sellers:

1.  Direct Mail

Direct mail is like black-magic!  You need the secret decoder ring to unlock the secrets of the mailing list demographics:

Who do you mail to?

Where do you mail?

What message do you send?

What property demographics are you looking for?

What is the seller profile?

These are some of the initial mystery questions that need to be answered so you can focus your marketing like a laser!

The good news is that generating lists and mailing both post cards and yellow letters is super easy.  Want to send some yellow letters?

I recommend this site for yellow letters.  The response rate is HUGE when done correctly!

2.  Burned out landlords – Find a landlord who has not clue what they are doing or has been doing it for decades and is tired of it and you will have a motivated seller.

3.  Code violators – Work your local red tag list and track down the owners!


Ready to leap-frog over the investors stuck buying houses from the MLS?

Now is the time to learn to generate leads direct from motivated sellers and succeed!
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Did you Meet Mr. X?

Did you Meet Mr. X?

The Great News IS that Real estate is on-sale, readily available and you don’t need a broker or a bank to buy it!

This week we featured Mr. X, Walter Wofford on our monthly coaching call.  Walter poured his
Heart and soul into straight up content on lead generation, systems and automation.

I took A lot of notes and here are some of the highlights:

  • Focus everyday on outsourcing lead generation to make one good offer per day
  • Invest in others by training them how to help find motivated sellers and put together deals that work
  • How to effectively get and manage a virtual assistant in India to manage the foreclosure leads and gave an example of a $90,000 house that recently sold for $6,100 at the courthouse steps
  • Direct mail campaign with specific demographics that work.  Mail 1,000 postcards and buy 10 houses (often times with zero percent seller financing)
  • Neighborhood marketing campaigns passing out flyers to owners and tenants
  • Probate marketing campaign
  • Marketing to owners who had a fire

If you missed it, here is the replay link, grab a pen and start taking notes because this is a treat for YOU

Mr X replay link

Walter is a true-blue, on the street Entrepreneur intentionally engineering as many good transactions as he can because the market is perfect right now.  He also has both his sons trained and making their own deals as well.

If you missed this call you will want to grab a notebook and pen and listen to this replay.  Take your notes as we dig into the world of virtual assistants, lead generation and buying houses direct from owners without ever needing a bank for financing.

We had a lot of people on this call from coast to coast and had a great time doing it.

Are you ready to take action and invest in yourself so you can execute your own plan of buying houses without banks?  If so, now is the time
To register for our boot camp where we will continue this conversation that started in Dallas and is continuing to make a positive impact on peoples financial future.

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Ultimate Freedom Without Banks

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David and Jim


Want more deals than you can handle?

When David and I consult with our many coaching
members, the common missing link is all too often……

How do I find opportunities in the market, and when
I do, how do I know if it is a good deal or not?

Wednesday, June 20th
9:00 p.m. Eastern time / 8:00 p.m. Central Time

Option #1
Call in to listen on our conference line
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Option #2
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So the basis of the problem is two-fold:

1.  Generating leads
2.  Sufficient knowledge to know when to act

#2 is not a problem if you have access to those who
can mentor and coach you – the very re ason why Jim
and I offer very reasonable access to coaching and
deal review.

Then let’s deal with #1 – generating leads.

If you are a passive investor with little time, then
you Joint Venture with those who are actively turning
up good leads and participate in the deal – something
we teach at every one of our boot camps.

OR, if you are an active catalyst with time available
to source good deals, what systems, outsourcing and
automation have you implemented to create a constant
source of good deals without involving a lot of your

On our next coaching call, this Wednesday, June 20th
at 8:00 p.m. CDT, David and I have invited one of our
very good friends and colleagues to share with all of
you how he has put together some very powerful tactics
and strategies to produce a lot Of leads every week.

This is a key to your ability to be in the receiving
side of this amazing transfer of real estate wealth
that is happening right now in our country.

You won’t want to miss this call –

Wednesday, June 20th
9:00 p.m. Eastern time / 8:00 p.m. Central Time

Option #1
Call in to listen on our conference line
Phone Number: (206) 402-0100
Pin Code: 694793#


Option #2
Listen online through the webcast here
Instant Teleseminar Link for Call

See you on the call,

Jim and David

P.S.  By being a “deal-generating-machine,” you will
find that you can sell the leads that you don’t want or
can’t use.  Another source of income on your path to


Never stop marketing – How to add Pinterest to your social media real estate marketing plan

NSM – Never Stop Marketing!

As real estate investors we market to buy houses from motivated sellers, we market to rent houses to tenants, we market to sell houses to first time home buyers and one key to success is to Never Stop Marketing!  I like to use marketing that does not cost much money, aka guerrilla marketing.  I do a lot of internet marketing and have quite a few different websites for the different aspects of my real estate investing including sites for finding motivated sellers, renting houses, selling houses to first time buyers, etc.


I also use several YouTube Channels that can relate back to the main websites and my favorite way to connect back to investors is Investing Now Network where we all connect.  I also use social media extensively, as it is FREE and a form of guerrilla marketing as well.  You can find me on Twitter at:, on Facebook, Linked in and Pinterest at

Wait Jim, did you say Pinterest?  Really?  Isn’t that a site for girls to pin their future wedding plans and favorite fashion statements?  I would agree that Pinterest got it’s start in those markets, but it has quickly taken off and expanded into business.  My daughter Melisa told me about Pinterest several months back and she recommended I start to use it and she was right on!  Pinterest is on a ridiculously fast growth pattern right now with millions of pins and users being added all the time.

People involved with the real estate world have suddenly taken a liking to Pinterest.  The site, combined with the sales oriented nature of the real estate industry, lends itself to allowing an agent or investor to show off the housing they have on display for sale or rent. Those who are in the market for a new home can easily visit Pinterest and look at the house, profiles and even their own interests.

The real key to Pinterest is driving traffic to your site with the links you can create on each individual pin.  Real estate investors and agents can use Pinterest to drive traffic to their sites, where they keep important information concerning their residential listings and contact information.  If you are already in the Pinterest universe, please stop by and follow my boards, like some of my pins and I will do the same in return.

 How to start using Pinterest

To begin, you’re going to want to set up a Pinterest account. As of May 2012, Pinterest requires new users to request an invite via Pinterest or through referrals. After receiving an invite, Pinterest makes it simple to set up your profile. Those in real estate should fill out as much information necessary to inform prospective clients of your trade. Don’t forget to provide a link to your web site and your social media contacts.  If you are ready to set up in Pinterest and need an invitation, just leave your name and email in the comments below this blog post and I will personally invite you!

Pinterest’s streamlined photo boards can help showcase an exterior and interior of a home. Using bright and clear photos of a listed home attracts Pinterest users to your listing’s board. You can share photos via pages called boards, where you can pin, or add, photos. At the top of Pinterest’s toolbar, click Add to create a new board. Choose Add A Board to immediately pick a category–you’re going to want to choose a category related to real estate–and name your board and click create.

Pinning photos of particular interesting activities, landmarks and even the neighborhood in your market potentially helps attract prospective buyers. Use good keywords, such as titling your generic photo tags with the name of your city, to help others find your photos along with highly searchable hash tags (like Twitter) can allow other users to find you.  For example, you may want to use this hash tag on a house for sale in my area: #HomeForSaleRichmond.


Pin your own photos relating to real estate. Take a look at my Pinterest at   and you will see that I have boards for inspiration, motivation, humor/funny but all things relate back to real estate for me.  It’s also a good idea to pin other users photos to make your boards more well rounded. You’ll even draw traffic to your boards this way.


Don’t forget to network! When you pin or repin you have the option of sharing that pin on Facebook or twitter.  If you want to spread your message, take advantage of this pinterest option.  As a social networking site, using Pinterest is a great way to get prospective buyers feel more comfortable with real estate. Don’t shy away from creating your own personalized pinboards as well on a variety of topics.


The ease of using Pinterest  to share interesting photographs has made it the fastest growing social networking and media related site within the past year. 

Using Pinterest in real estate promotion is a trend that will continue for a long time.  Pictures are very powerfull and connecting with potential buyers, sellers and tenants on-line in a social media setting is a FREE and EASY way to shout your message to thousands of people.  I am getting hits to my main websites from pinterest every day.  I have been shocked to see the Pinterest hits to my sites exceed the other social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

Want a Pinterst invitation?  Just leave your email in the comments.  Also let me know how Pinterest is working out for your efforts.

Remember – NSM – Never Stop Marketing!

Jim Ingersoll


Find the Violator & Buy The House!

Last week we discussed how to create a great
bandit sign campaign & find loads of motivated
sellers. The best lead generation campaign will
use all 15 of my methods. The nice thing is that
many of them are completely FREE!

That is the point behind my Guerilla Marketing for
motivated sellers. I love the effective methods
that don’t cost much money & are easy to use!

One FREE & EASY way to find motivated sellers is
to find the code violators in your local market.

When new construction building permits began to
slow a few years ago, I noticed that there was
suddenly a surge of activities to keep the
building inspectors busy & the surge was in the
form of code violations on existing houses.

Code violations provide an excellent source of
motivated seller leads. If a home is taggged with
a violation for being open and unoccupied, unsafe,
a leaking roof or even high grass, you can use
that information and market to buy the house
direct from the owner.

In most cases the owner is not intentionally
negligent. They just do not have the resources to
fix the roof, close up the house or even take care
of the yard at a vacant house.

Now is the time to learn to buy your own houses!

Want to the know the secrets of how to find this
class of motivated sellers?

I will be sharing how to market to code violators
in Dallas on March 2-3. Follow this link and plan
to join us:

To Your Success,