What would your “Rich Dad” say?

What Would Your Rich Dad Say?

Robert Kiyosaki describes 4 primary reasons to be rich:
1. To survive
2. To be secure
3. To be comfortable
4. To be rich

Poor people have the mindset of financial survival – focusing on getting by day-to-day.

The middle class focus on basic security and basic comforts such as a home as their most
valuable investment and saving for college education costs.

Rich people focus on the long-term acquisition of assets that provide cash flow 24/7 – whether that person is working or not.

Rich people also understand the principle of slight edge….structuring those long-term
investment assets
in such a way to minimize taxes and offset the ravages of inflation.

Laziness or apathy in these two areas, taxes and inflation, make a substantial difference
in the wealth-accumulating ability of the rich.

Poor and middle income people rarely understand or utilize strategies to offset
these two powerful enemies of wealth creation.

The Self-Directed IRA, and more specifically,the Roth IRA, when combined with specific
real estate investment strategies, is a vehicle that today is misunderstood and greatly
under-utilized in the estate and wealth creation strategies of even the rich mindset.

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Why? Simply because the key financial advisors such as CPA’s, attorneys and financial planners do not understand the power of the Roth IRA and how to combine that power with current real estate opportunities.

Most financial advisors are only able to recommend what they understand – – pre-packaged mutual funds, bond funds, or specific stock equities. Not good models,even pre-recession.

The time is right TODAY to take advantage of the incredible real estate opportunities
under the tax-advantaged protection of a Roth IRA.

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