Learning from the Best of the Best! Eddie Speed

I found out many years ago that the way to
fast-track my business success and profitability
was to learn from those who have gone before me.

Think about it. We essentially have two choices
in life:

1) We can work by trial and error, moving one step
forward and two steps back…..


2) We can align ourselves with those who have
already been where we want to go and find out what
to do and, more importantly, what NOT to do.

I was fortunate to have become friends with one of
the truly caring and giving mentors in the real
estate investment business….Mr. Eddie Speed.

Eddie was very significant in helping me take my
investment knowledge up to new levels and, more
importantly, how to access a segment in the real
estate markets that very few know how to do today.

AND, THE BEST NEWS! I was able to talk Eddie
into speaking at two of our sessions at the
Creating Cash Flow Secrets event in Dallas, Texas
on March 2nd and 3rd.

For more information and to register, go to:

Eddie starting investing in real-estate secured
notes(owner or seller-financed notes) way back in
1980. That’s about four major economic cycles ago.

Do you think that Eddie has worked in a market
similar to that which we are experiencing today?
No question – Eddie has been there before and
really understands what drives the current profit

He will show you how to find, screen, negotiate
and invest in real estate secured notes with
minimal risk and yields from the high single
digits into the double digit range.

AND….did you know that real estat e secured
notes are the perfect investment asset for your
Self-Directed IRA. We will explain exactly how to
do this at the March event in Dallas.

Folks, we are living in an economic window of
opportunity that we will not likely see again in
our lifetime. The information that you receive at
Creating Cash Flow Secrets may very well be the
most timely and significant that you will find in
the next several years.

Don’t miss our early-bird registration discounts
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To Your Freedom,


P.S. And remember, you can bring a friend!