How to… {Find YOUR Freedom & More…}

First, I need to welcome all the new folks to my newsletter!  A lot of people have recently signed up and it is nice to have you at Investing Now Network!

I am sure you have heard the good news about the real estate market:

That the market is getting a lot stronger, sellers are starting to get multiple offers, inventory is starting to shrink.

Is that really good news for us investors?

Yes, the market is starting to shift and it is not as strong of a sellers market as it has been for the past 5 years.

I was speaking with Daniil Kleyman last week and he said, “None of us want to get to the end of this wave & wish we had done more.”  Daniil has a great product available called RehabValuator which is a nice software package for investors.  You should definitely get a copy at:

Daniil’s remark is profound in that we do need to act NOW.  I am seeing a lot of new folks coming into the market to buy investment property lately.  Some are buying rentals, others are looking to flip retail and others are wanting to wholesale.

What is your game plan?  We are in the perfect storm and experiencing the best market of our generation.  What are you doing to make it happen?  Please be sure to answer that question!

I recently did a poll on facebook about what is holding people back and the top answer is Funding!  Hard to buy houses without the money!  Take a moment & connect with me on facebook at :

If you need to learn private lending, you can request my special report on “Buying Houses Without Bank Mortgages” by emailing me

My good friend David Phelps recently said “Buy houses FROM banks, but do not FINANCE them with the banks.”  He is so point-on!  Learning that secret will set you free.

His mantra is Freedom and he has a compelling story how he left his dental practice to invest in real estate and build long-term assets.  This past week I spoke to a packed room, over filled actually, and had a great time.  I introduced our coming event “Ultimate Freedom Without Banks” that David Phelps and I are doing together in Richmond this summer.  A number of people have already registered and taken advantage of the $1,000 of FREE BONUSES we are offering for early registration.  If you are looking for your freedom from Banks, From your Boss or JOB, Freedom from declining 401k values – You get the picture – then you need to register and plan to join us.  THis event will sell out, register now and get the FREE bonuses!


For those wanting to take advantage of learning to invest, please follow this link to our coaching information.  You can work directly with me and learn to wholesale, flip houses, buy and hold rentals, etc.  Check out the videos of our recent mastermind meetings and the testimonials.  Don’t let anything HOLD YOU Back!

TO YOUR SUCCESS!  Go make it happen investing in real estate in 2012!