Free real estate investing resources for 2013

By Jim Ingersoll
Ready to start your year the right way?

The best way to start is by investing in yourself first!
For those of you looking for more private lenders,
keep a watch on this fiscal cliff, it has everyone anxious.

This headline was in our newspaper in Richmond this morning.

Investors need an alternate investment and real estate is the solution.

Now is the time to buy real estate and finding investors should not be hard right now.

You know I love great quotes, right?  I have pulled some of them together onto my website.  I would like to add in some of your favorites.  Check out mine, then feel free to email me,,  your favorite quotes and I will add them!

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I have pulled together some free resources for you today including real estate webinars and teleconferences.

Download them now and listen later, or listen right now, just follow the link below

Link to free real estate webinars


Lead Generation with Jim Ingersoll

Investing in Mobile Homes with Rachel Hernandez (aka Mobile Home Gurl)

Investing in discounted real estate notes with Selina Stoller

Listen to a recent interview with Michael Jake and Jim Ingersoll
WS217369-LocalMentor – Wholesaling – Jim Ingersoll Interview

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