Creating Cash Flow…

First, Did you notice the new site design?  The colors and design match my new book, “Cash Flow Now,” which should be published in about 6 weeks!  Check it out!

I am back in Richmond following a fantastic   boot camp we provided in Dallas, TX. This weekend renewed everyone’s focus on good old Cash Flow  My friend, David Phelps and I have a blast conducting this boot camp!


We had people attend from all Reno, Florida, Chicago, California and so on.  We focused the training on buying real estate without needing bank financing.

We trained on everything from lead generation to seller financing to joint ventures  and options.

We also had Quincy Long from Quest IRA  provide a lot of great content on self-directed IRAs, Eddie Speed present information on the note business and John Groome provided invaluable information on tax strategies for house flippers.

If you missed it, no worries as we video-taped it which will soon be available in a home-study DVD course.   I was impressed with the quality of those in attendance, which included many Dentists, Chiropractors and others looking for                ways to invest funds into real estate since the stock market is so risky and  CD’s pay about 1% right now.

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Join me in intensifying your focus on Cash Flow in 2012!

Happy House Hunting