Confession Tuesday — I made a mistake

Hi Everyone

I want to admit it, I made a mistake!  Have you ever had to say that?  If not, you are not being honest of course.

OK, so I was in Los Angeles all last week and got back late Sunday night.  When I returned I looked at my schedule

and thought I was speaking at RAOA today, the 6th, so I sent out the newsletter.


Late yesterday I realized I was a week off…  I am speaking at RAOA next week on the 13th at noon.  Please do NOT come

today, but DO come next Tuesday!  Enjoy a very nice buffet lunch and see me speak on the topic of obtaining rental properties

without using banks for mortgages.


Tonite is the final night of our webinar series on Retiring Tax Free with real estate and using self-directed IRA’s.  A lot of people

have participated from East Coast, Mid-West and West Coast and we appreciate everyone!  If you did not catch us LIVE for this

webinar series we will be offering it packaged onto CD’s and a workbook soon.

MARK your calendar’s for March 2 and 3 in Dallas, Texas.  I will be offering a LIVE EVENT with my good friend and colleague David

Phelps… I hope you can join us.  If you live in Texas it is easy for you to come, but for everyone else, this will also be well worth

a Flight into Dallas (like I am doing)!  Stay tuned for more!