Ditch your banker and your broker this week

let me just say it…
I love getting seller financed deals
no brokers, no bankers involved for these deals
they are not on the MLS, but you know how to find off-market deals now right?
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 Check out this email below I received yesterday.
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Back to seller financing… simply put nothing really beats it.
As Jeff Zickefoose said in our Cash Flow facebook group this week
“For keepers I will take terms over price”
Jeff is right!  Getting a seller to sell the house AND finance your house is the way to go.
Want to learn how to structure deals like this?
There are a number of ways to structure these deals so in my training I cover all 3 including:
1.  subject to
2.  Owner carry (my personal favorite)
3.  Lease options
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All my best
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