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By Jim ingersoll

When you focus on the cash flow for your investments, everything else works out fine! The key to real estate is to buy it on-sale (great price), buy it without needing your own cash, without your credit and without a bank!

Focus on your intellectual capital to learn how to invest, then focus on relational capital and everything else will come together for you!

Simply put that is the secret sauce of investing in real estate and succeeding!



How to find for sale by owner real estate

How to find for sale by owner real estate There are some easy steps to take when searching to by houses that are for sale by owner.  The key is to know where to look and how to search for them.  Watch this video and take notes on how to do it step by step. I have...

How to invest in real estate with a self directed IRA

The Roth IRA is the best gift our government has given us, but most real estate investors are not fully using it because they think it can only be used for investing in stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Enjoy this video on investing in real estate with self directed...

Free stuff & more…

One thing I know for sure is everyone loves FREE!   The foundation of being an investor is getting great deals and today I have 3 of them for YOU. This is email is packed with FREE stuff and BONUSES so read it all the way today. 1.  Swipe File -    I am getting most...

Gold investments that are worth it

Gold investments that are worth it Physical gold remains an important asset to investors simply because it’s a universal currency that is held by central banks around the world. The fact that it’s a finite currency, meaning it can’t be minted forever due to the...

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