Why is it so hard to find deals right now?

Have you heard all the positive real estate news?

Prices are upward and mobile, foreclosure and short sales are way down.

Is that good news?

It makes it harder to find great deals


Have you recently heard any of these lately?

“We went with another offer”

“Please submit your highest & best”

“We already have a couple other offers”


It use to be so easy to buy foreclosures off the MLS, but now

it is just so frustrating!

Investors are in bidding wards & paying too darn much for

some of these houses.


Now what?

The good news is that smart investors are learning to find there own deals


They can buy from wholesalers or learn to find their own deals

I have created a plan for you to find motivated sellers without spending a dime on marketing!


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Here is what Marcus in San Antonio said when he implemented this system:

“I now have 6 bird dogs lined up and they are finding a bunch of deals for me”


Ken in Charlotte said

“I now have leads on over 300 homes with code violations, these are the leads I needed to find my own deals.

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All My Best