What is wholesaling?

My new book, “Cash Flow Now: How to Create Multiple Streams Of Real Estate Income” should be published in early May.  As we move towards publishing I want to highlight the various income streams in video format using a teaching format with power point.  The first one I have completed is titled “What is wholesaling?”  Wholesaling houses is making a strong comeback as foreclosures and REOs are becoming harder to get due to multiple offers, owner occupied only wait periods and the Fannie Mae flips where they update houses with paint and carpeting.

A lot of people still get stuck on trying to understand what it means to wholesale a house and how the transaction between a motivated seller and an investor buyers works.  Check out the video and consider sharing it, leaving comments, etc.  Wholesaling is what led me out of Corporate America and into real estate full time.  I became a high volume wholesaler and wholesaled over 100 houses in a year.  It is a lot of work to wholesale hundreds of houses lol.  Wholesaling is a tool in your toolbox that can put some cash in your pocket so I hope you enjoy!  The video will provide a foundation for wholesaling, if you want more information you will definitely want to read Chapter 5 in my new book and continue your journey to understanding wholesaling.

Let me know if you like this video style…