What is the 1st Thing You Learned This Year?

David Phelps and I are lifetime learners. For
David his learning started in Dental school at
Baylor University and for me it all started in
Engineering School at Rochester Institute of
Technology. We received great educations
and learned how to be excellent employees
while trading dollars for hours for the early
years of our careers.

Our real life learning began when we became
students of real estate along with financing,
landlording, marketing and so on.

We both fell in love with being real estate
entrepreneurs as we learned creative real
estate. The key element of creative real
estate is that you need to continually
learn new things so you do not become a
one-trick pony and can operate in all the
various real estate cycles.

So far, in 2012 I have already sold 4
houses in January. I continue to market like
I alw ays do including:

– Sign in the yard, directional signs from nearby
– Property flyer in the yard and in the kitchen
– Listed home on my own website
– Listed the house on Craigs List
– YouTube video on my YouTube channel

These are all standard marketing techniques I use
on every house I sell. BUT I also implemented the
one new thing that I recently discovered.

So what happened? I am suddenly finding it easier
to connect with first time home buyers and get my
houses sold faster and easier than ever before.

If I was not a lifetime learner and committed to
tweaking my plans, I would have missed these
buyers for my houses. Are you ready to learn
this one marketing trick that I used?

Well, you will need to invest in yourself and
join me at the Creating Cash Flow Secrets
boot camp in March to learn this one new trick.

I will be sharing tons of marketing tricks,
this one included, live at this event. I will
be sharing how to find your own sellers,
find your own buyers and find great tenants…

I hope you are ready to invest in yourself and
sign up and join me for this bootcamp.

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Don’t delay, get yourself off to a great start
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