What if tomorrow never comes?

Guest written by: David Phelps

I was struck hard yesterday by the loss of a friend and colleague. “It wasn’t her
time.” She was only 37 years old, leaving behind a 6-year old daughter and a loving
husband. Shocking – we always ask “why?” Could that happen to you or me?
Why is this important? Because we are arrogant and think that “there is always
time tomorrow.”

Time to repair a broken relationship, or get our finances in order, pay off debt, or build
a real business that can operate without us. What are you building now? What are you
investing in so that your family can benefit later.

What happens if you become disabled or die? I started building my “Plan B” while I
was still in graduate school. And when I needed Plan B when my daughter faced a
life-threatening organ transplant, I was able leave my work, sell my business, and rely on
my real estate investments to provide for my family.

Today, I live a very different life than my first 20 years of “career-building.” My
focus has completely changed. I am no longer trading time for dollars. Instead, I am
able to take full advantage of the opportunities in the real estate markets and do it on my
own time – when I work, I work hard. But I decide how and when. And that’s the key!

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Could this be the building block that could set you free or replace past
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Ask yourself these questions:
What would be your Plan B if you could not carry on your activities tomorrow?
Do you have self-sustaining, passive income independent of your earnings?
Do you have a sellable business? If not, what are you doing to correct that?
Are you prepared for higher taxes and inflation? How will those factors affect
your retirement plans?

Don’t wait for tomorrow. Take action today. Tomorrow’s sunrise may not come as
it did not for my friend this morning. Something to think about.

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