Learning to use Real Estate Options and Collecting Income Tax Free

One of our subscribers from the midwest contacted me with this one…

He had a contract on a mobile home/land for
$15,000 purchase price (only used a couple hundred dollars
to tie up the contract).

This particular property had sold in prior years for $80,000.
Sound familiar?? You bet!

These deals are still out there!

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This subscriber was simply going to take this good deal, fix it up and create long-term cash flow and
upside profits.

However, another investor offered him $10K to take the deal –
a quick $10K profit for his Roth IRA simply for finding and
negotiating the deal.

The question was: “If I give a good deal to this second
investor, can I keep an option position of 25% of future
profits when the second investor later sells the property.

Answer: “Yes!” It’s all what you negotiate!

And the best part is that all of the profit – the $10K now plus
the 25% of the future upside all goes into the Roth IRA and
comes out 100% TAX FREE!

What’s the return on that deal??? Good enough!!

If you want to learn how to do deals like this, how to find
them and how to negotiate and structure them, David and I
will be giving you all of the details on our next calls.

Don’t let these opportunities pass you by!! The deal-making
window is open right now, but it won’t last forever!!

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