Top 10 Reasons to follow your Realtor on Twitter

Top 10 Reasons to Follow Your Realtor on Twitter

Guest blog posting by Blue Fern Team

Forget the newspaper! If you’re looking to buy a home or sell your property, start following your favorite realtor on Twitter.  Through this hugely popular social media site, he can post short, timely messages about a wide variety of topics to help you find the perfect home or sell your house quickly and painlessly.

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A savvy real estate agent actively tweets and engages with his followers and possesses a deep knowledge of the market in all the major regions in your city. He’ll also be someone you want to work with who isn’t just interested in self-promotion, but who regularly posts helpful tips and informative content to help you learn about all aspects involved in buying or selling a home.

Here are 10 great reasons to follow your realtor on Twitter.

1. Benefit from helpful, informative content including blogs, articles and videos
2. Get up-to-the-minute news about available properties, open houses and upcoming events
3. Hear from industry experts about the ins and outs of buying real estate
4. Join conversations regarding real estate news, issues and more
5. See photos of available properties
6. Gain access to stories related to real estate in your favorite areas and beyond
7. Learn about neighborhoods you like and the surrounding communities
8. Discover new trends and hot topics including mortgage rates, buyer’s and seller’s markets, and staging your home for potential buyers
9. Become knowledgeable about the full gamut of investing in real estate, from discounted properties to luxury homes
10. Find out about renovations and upgrades that can increase the value of your home


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