The Inherited Stretch IRA for future generations to live tax free

We’ve been talking about setting up your
life for a secured retirement and passive
returns protected from taxes and inflation,
giving you and your family peace of mind.

What if I told you that you could pass your
wealth on to your heirs….your children or
grandchildren, nieces or nephews, 100% tax
free and allow them to also take
distributions tax free throughout their

It’s true and one aspect of the Roth IRA
that very few understand. And of those who
do, they have no idea how to use real estate
to create and maintain the capital and grow
it so that the legacy can be passed on from
generation to generation.

My daughter has specific challenges due to
health issues and will never be independent
and self-sufficient. I opened her Roth IRA
at age 6 (we’ll show you how you can do
that) and have been growing it tax-deferred
for over 12 years now with an average
compounded return of over 18% per year. Her
Roth doubles every 4 years and NO TAXES will
ever come out! This is critical!

What if I need to fast-track a Roth IRA for a
young person like my daughter and have it
available for her to take tax-free
distributions BEFORE the usual age of
distribution of 59 and ½?

There is a way and it has to do with the
beneficiary designation from another
person’s IRA.

This one strategy is worth potentially
hundreds of thousands to a million or more
dollars to a young person today. And this
generation, our children and grandchildren,
will be the ones paying the debt that our
government, our generation, has created.

What better gift to give a child or
grandchild than a head start with a tax-free
account that he or she can also learn to
compound and maintain over his or her
lifetime while taking distributions out 100%
tax free!

Do you comprehend that last statement? If
not, go back and read it again. Don’t miss
the point!!


Yes, there is hope for a brighter
tomorrow………….but you have to take
action NOW!


May the future be bright!

Invest and Retire Tax Free