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Investors who continue to rely on bank financing are struggling and failing, while those
Who have learned to eliminate banks are succeeding massively.

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Ultimate Freedom WITHOUT banks boot camp

Here is the event schedule:

Friday August 17th 8:30 am – 5:30 pm

What is freedom & why use real estate to achieve it

Why eliminate banks from your investing model

Joint venture investing part 1

How to create joint venture partners and private lenders with SDIRA

Personal Freedom blue print Step One – David

How to find motivated sellers using 15 lead generation methods that work

Why the wealthy pay high taxes

Saturday August 18th 8:30 am – 5:30 pm

4 Retirement investment models for double-digit returns using real estate

How to find private money to allow you to eliminate banks

What financial investors expect from real estate catalysts

Personal Freedom blue print part Step 2

**** Bonus session with Kandace Phelps

5 Ways to find and structure seller financing – Jim

Joint venture investing part 2 – David

Building your rental portfolio without banks – Jim

How to protect your assets and stay off the radar – John G.

Ready to learn to earn and create your own personal financial freedom plan, buy houses with private lenders,
Earn double digit returns, save tons in taxes and keep your assets safe?

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Ultimate Freedom WITHOUT banks boot camp

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