Payday Now, Payday Later & Cash flow for Life!

Payday Now, Payday Later & Cashflow for Life

In 2007 I wholesaled over 100 houses and created great cash flow.  On
My journey that led beyond wholesaling I also began to buy
And hold properties and use seller financed wrap financing to create
long-term more passive income.  It was a lot of fun to wholesale over 100
Houses in a year, but that is also a lot of work.

I had one transaction in particular in 2007 that shaped my cash
Flow perspectives for life.

I found a great deal on a 32 unit apartment complex that needed
Some work.  It was owned by a small business owner who
Could not keep up with the repairs so it had plenty
Of deferred maintenance along with a lot of potential
For cash flow once fixed up and fully occupied.

I found this deal on my own, not on the MLS, and negotiated
Direct with the owner.  We finally agreed on a price of
$500k and terms that included seller financing.  The seller
Had a small underlying seller financed note that I had assigned
To me.

Personally I am a single family guy, not multi-family so
I knew I would not want to fix up, rent and hold this
Property.  I also knew it was a great deal with the seller
Financing terms I had arranged.

Because of the overall condition I was not certain if
My wholesale buyers would be able to immediately get
Financing on this deal so I resold it on a wrap for $575k that
Included seller financing for my new buyer.

What did this transaction accomplish?  A total of 3 different
Paydays and cash flow events.  One on the day I bought and sold
It simultaneously on the wrap, one every single month with
Positive cashflow and one at the very end
When my buyer refinanced into commercial financing
To cash me out.

Want the details of this deal on how I found the seller, how
I found the buyer, how I structured all the financing and how
I created 3 pay days with cash flow events on a $500k property?

I have never Shared the details of this deal anywhere, but I will be doing
It in Dallas, TX on March 2-3.  Please plan to join me for
As we reveal cash flow secrets on deals just like this.  

I am confident you will learn new strategies that can be
Easily applied in 2012.  We will be teaching how to use
Seller financing and wraps to create cash flow along with
Many other easy to apply cash flow creation principles.

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Speaking at this event, along with myself, will be Eddie Speed, Quincy Long and David Phelps…  All know a ton about creating cash flow that sustains in all economies and lasts a lifetime!

To your success