One week and counting…

In just about one week, David Phelps and I will be
meeting with a serious group of like-minded
real estate investors from around the country
to discuss how we can all maximize the
once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that are in
front of us right now.

For information and to register:

Freedom Without Banks Boot Camp Registration

The greatest wealth has always been made
during the worst economic times….and we
are in that period of time right now.

Fast action is required….how to structure
your ideal investments to maximize your
returns while minimizing your time, dealing
with tenants, contractors and toilets!

In fact, if you want great returns but no time
or tenants, we will show you exactly how
you can do that without pooling your money
while being extremely well-secured…what we
refer to as “mailbox money.”

If you are a dealmaker and just can’t get
access to enough money to fund your deals,
don’t despair….Jim and I have the opposite
problem…too much money and too few deals!

So what are you waiting for???   Don’t live
your life with regrets….join us in Richmond,
Virginia next Friday and Saturday, August
17 and 18
for the “Ultimate Freedom Without
Banks” bootcamp.

Seats are filling fast and we don’t want you
to miss this opportunity!

Go now to:

Freedom Without Banks Boot Camp Registration

To your freedom,
David and Jim

P.S.  Part of our program will be helping each
person develop their own personal Freedom
Blueprint….this alone will be worth your time
and investment!