One More Monday Bonus!

We’re only about a month away from the Creating Cash
Flow Secrets event March 2nd and 3rd in Dallas.  Ready to learn

the secrets of rental income, how to use wrap financing, how to find your

own great deals without Fannie Mae?

As an extra bonus, we are offering each of you as
registered attendees (and your guests) a free 2-month
trial membership in our monthly group coaching program.

The next monthly call is scheduled for  February 26th,

2012 @ 8 pm CST.  Call information will be sent
to you prior to the call.

This coaching membership will entitle you to attend all
of our monthly calls, ask questions, receive the replay,
new documents and resources as they become available,
as well as discounts on all future events.

In addition, you will also be eligible to have 1 on 1
consults regarding specific deals or transactions that you
are working on.

David and I are 110% committed to your success.  You
have shown that you are also committed by taking
action and trusting us to provide you with strategies and
keys to unlock your potential.  Our goal is to
over-deliver to you in every area!

We are really looking forward to seeing you in Dallas
in March!

To your success, <>

P.S.  Don’t forget to get your hotel reservations booked under
our event room block discount!  Use the room block
name David Phelps International.

p.s.s.  Thanks to everyone from  California to Florida and beyond who have

already signed up to join us!