Need a Get-Out-Of-Jail Free Card?

Last week’s lead generation produced an
interesting result…a trip to the county jail.

Nope, I wasn’t busted for any illegal activity.
I had a visit with a property owner who’s
current residence is the jail.

Source of this lead??

The next-door neighbor who was having
a garage sale and also had a house for
sale – told me that the adjacent house
was for sale and told me how to contact
the sister of the incarcerated property

No sign in the yard, no ad in the paper
or on Craigslit, and no MLS listing.

This lead came from literally being “on
the street” and willing to talk to people.

After wallking the property (neighbor
had a key), I contacted the sister and
got an appointment to visit the owner
in jail.

I went prepared with three (3) different
offers to present.

In less than 20 minutes, I had a deal.

Question: How does an inmate convey
“good title?”

For the answer, be sure to look for our
next blog post soon.