Mastermind with Jim Ingersoll real estate and investing training

Over the past couple weeks I have received inquiries from people wanting the information on my Mastermind Meetings…. Thank You!

I don’t push the coaching or masterminds, but I do love watching investors work directly with me and begin to experience the success that comes with it!

My Mastermind is a nice mix of folks who want to invest passively, folks who want to invest actively and some of us who like to do both 🙂

We focus intensely of eliminating bank financing, structuring joint ventures that work for everyone involved and

building long-term cash flow and equity by investing into real estate assets.  I have accumulated quite a few testimonials and such but will only share a couple of them today:

“Hello Jim
Just wanted to let you know we signed a contract for $206,000 this afternoon.  That gave us a $37,728 profit.  We owe a great deal to you.  Jim, you provided me with the direction and network that we put into action, resulting in a tremendous success!    I am very fortunate to have made your acquaintance to which I say THANK YOU.”  Chris

Hi Jim

We are putting in offers on two rental properties today! Getting this party started!

Thanks! Barb & Kevin

I have also enjoyed watching some young people in there 20’s get started.  They are succeeding and learning to buy houses without banks in the best market of our lifetime.  Personally, I wish I was in my 20’s and could start in a market like this one.  Like my friend David Phelps says “I could start over today and rebuild my entire portfolio in less than 5 years in today’s market.”

IF you are interested in joining our private Mastermind Group, please EMAIL me so I can send you the information you need to attend next weeks meeting with me. 

Email: or

Next week we have a 3 hour session planned.  Every meeting is part networking with like-minded investors and partly direct teaching from me.  I will be sharing case studies on joint-ventures, houses bought without banks for both flips and for long-term rentals as well as the documentation packages that support the entire joint venture.

Don’t delay, this is a private group that is growing fast, if you have interest please email me now or

I included both emails since I have had some recent challenges with my emails.

Thanks and to your SUCCESS!