How to get started OR get to the next level investing

Here is a common question I am receiving each week:

How do I get started?

How do I get to the next level?

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There are so many strategies and sub-strategies that make it hard to figure the whole investing world out.  It can be cryptic and confusing….

To get started you really need to examine your starting point.

Do you need more income fast?  So you can pay down debt, save for your kids college, quit your JOB, etc.

Write down your income goals for this year, 2015 and 2016.

How to get started

Recurring income 250x250

If you are in the category of needing more cash soon then you will need to invest for transactional income streams:

1.  Wholesaling —>  I will have training wholesaling soon (common question)

2.  Fix and Flip —>  More info here
You will want to learn to find your own deals

—> Check this out for $7.00 to learn how to do it

There is a ton of confusing stuff out there that confuses newbies.  Don’t worry about setting up your LLC’s, using Land Trusts, Virtual Flipping & whatever the trend of the day is…

Find a deal, negotiate it and MAKE SOME MONEY first…


Here is a homework assignment —  Call 10 for sale by owners today (find them on Zillow, Trulia,, Craigslist or your paper).  Call them up and ask them why they are selling, how soon they want to close and what the best price they could give you….  GET COMFORTABLE talking to sellers TODAY and you dont need any course to get that started!  Email me back and let me know how it goes today!

 How to get to the next level

IF you have enough income, but are ready to change to more residual income streams and longer term wealth building so you can prepare for things like retirement, generational wealth buiilding, etc then you will want to build income producing assets.

Your key to getting to the next level is to remove your barriers which prevent you from scaling your portfolio.  For most investors that barrier is having the right acquisitions strategy.

Learn to find and get seller financing (I got two in the past 2 weeks.  These are not MLS deals and not deals with Bankers OR Brokers).

Deal Maker seller financing—–>  More info here

Cash flow is the gift that keeps on GIVING.  Learn to create it so it can sustain you each and every month.

Learn to create cash flow —> Click here

Take your first steps OR take steps to that next level!

Remove barriers, get rid of the word FEAR and make it happen NOW!

All my best