How To Defend Yourself Against Spend & Tax Policies

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Why is this important – especially now???

President Obama just put out his 2013 budget

He portends to be able to continue on his
“spending like there is no tomorrow” plan (and
at the current spend rate, there will be no

AND he claims that he can “cut the deficit and
national debt by “taxing the wealthy and making
them pay their fair share.”

Here’s a snapshot of what you will be facing:

    1. 3.8% tax surcharge on all real estate
    transactions – yep, even homeowners. That means
    tha t if you sell a $400,000 home, there will be a
    $15,200 tax.

    2. Top tax rate will rise to 39.6%

    3. Capital gains tax will rise from 15% to 23.8%

    4. Dividends rate will rise from 15% to 43.4%

    5. Estate tax (death tax) will rise from 35% to

    …Don’t miss this! Read between the lines…

    Classical class warfare – and not between the
    “wealthy and middle class,” but between those

    1) Who actually work for a living and

    2) Those who receive entitlements (handouts) –
    and that’s half of the 310 million US legal (and
    illegal) citizens!

    If you can do 4th grade math, the numbers don’t

    This administration and those populists who buy
    into his crusade for government to provide cradle
    to grave life support, will be confiscating everything
    that you once thought belonged to you…doesn’t
    matter that you sacrificed and worked for it.

    Because in their minds, it never belonged to you in
    the first place……you are simply a ‘lucky one’ who
    has more than others and you need to “share the
    wealth”(= redistribution).

    So, what’s the answer?? How do you structure your
    personal life, your business, and your hard-earned
    assets to reduce your tax profile as well as what I
    call the “Confiscation Profile?” (Confiscation
    meaning the government will start looking at the
    trillions of dollars in retirement plans, 401K’s and
    other savings plans and taking them as “custodian”
    and then promising to dole them back to the real
    owner (YOU) based on what the government thinks is
    best for you).

    Sound anything like the Ponzi scheme known as social

    There’s still time to sign up before the registration fee
    goes up, but you’ve got to hurry!

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