How to buy real estate with private lenders

By Jim Ingersoll
I was at my local bank branch this week

sending out a wire transfer for a closing.

The young banker (in his 30’s) asked me

more about what I do and how I buy property



He then mentioned his grandfather who had

posed the question to his banker grandson,

how can I get a higher return on my

investment savings today? (Bank savings

and CD rates are 2% or less today).

His grandson, not being well-versed in real

estate opportunities, told his grandfather,

“Well, you’ve got to be active about your

investments and get into buying and



Hmmm….not bad advice but not everyone wants to be

involved with transactional income — but many people want

PASSIVE INCOME from their investments.

They don’t want to flip

properties or be the active landlord of

multiple tenant properties.

So what’s the answer, Jim?


Teach them to become your private lender

and joint ventureon your Deals!


“It’s the perfect storm. Real estate is

on sale, credit bank financing is all but

gone, and yet there is literally trillions of

dollars sitting on the sidelines in low or

no-interest bearing accounts looking for a

viable investment home.”


What’s missing? The knowledgeable investor

– the “catalyst” or orchestrator who

can put the deals together, matching private

money deserving buyers and unsold property

inventory to solve a major financial problem

that the conventional markets can’t solve.


Does that sound like opportunity to you?

Whether you are a seasoned active investor or

a passive investor looking for solid secure

investments without doing all of the work, you can learn to

structure real estate deals and change your

investing model and financial future… forever!


Fire your bank and succeed massively in 2013 using Private Lenders.