How I turned $1,500 into a 1,000 Percent Return – Tax-free!

Guest contributor — My good friend, David Phelps.

No, that’s no mistake on the subject line.

This week, among 3 other transactions,
I took $1,500.00 from my daughter’s Roth IRA
and purchased an option interest on a property
that is worth at least $15,000.00 at today’s
market values.

These deals are available in EVERYONE’S
market today – if you are not doing these kind
of deals on a regular basis, you are missing
out on the greatest wealth transfer of our

So… did I do it?

Here’s what I didn’t do…..

I didn’t search Craigslist or the local MLS
for “Options for Sale.”

I didn’t call FSBO signs or ads asking to
“Buy and Option.”

And no one answered my ad “Investor Seeks
Option Contract.”

Nope………none of those.

Here’s what I did……..

I simply surrounded myself with other
like-minded investors and catalysts
entrepreneurs) who are all going in
different directions seeking different

I helped two other REAL PEOPLE (not banks)
put together a great deal that someone else
“found” and from that opportunity, “created”
the option as well as a great deal for
another private lender’s traditional IRA
and helped the entrepreneur/catalyst make a
killer acquistion.

My daughter’s Roth will hold the Option for
the next 5 years and at least generate a profit
of 10X the $1,500.00 investment.

My guess is that it will be closer to 20X.
But 10 X would be ‘good enuf.’

If you aren’t getting these opportunities at
least on a weekly basis, then you are hunting
in the wrong field. Or you just are not open
to what is available.

Either way, you are doing yourself a huge
disservice by not putting some time and effort
into the killer deals that are available
in any market in the U.S. today.

America is on sale!

You need to tap into this sale or forever
hold your peace.

Don’t be one of those who will look back in
5 years and “wonder what happened” and why
you didn’t take action!

To Your Freedom!