Going it alone????

Today we’re going to take a look at one of the
biggest problems I see for investors in the
current economy.

Issues that may be standing in your way of
attaining your Ideal Life.

One is the trap of self-doubt and second-guessing
yourself, which can have far reaching consequences
affecting anything you’re trying to accomplish.

For too long, most Americans and most business
owners, when it comes to investing for the future,
have readily handed over their hard-earned assets
to third parties to manage for them.

The head in the sand strategy is to just do what
you have always done and simply give your hard
earned savings to brokers, financial planners,
or to mutual funds and corporate stock….and
just hope for the best.

In normal economic times, this might have made
some sense.

Today, we live in completely different times.

NOTHING is certain! A lot is going to change.

And the more you depend on and allow others to
have governance over and determine your future,
your security, and your freedom, the less likely
you are to ever see that day arrive.

The point is that we can’t afford not to take a
more constructive part in our own future. Working
for a living is only looking out for today – when
do you expect to be financially secure? Do you
have a date? Has that date been pushed down the
road as it has for most Americans?

Can you afford to sit on the sidelines and simply
hope for a better tomorrow?

I think not. Might as well just roll the dice.

Going it alone in your investment portfolio.

You see, finding the best opportunities,
negotiating and structuring the transactions,
documenting and then managing the deal to
fruition takes a team.

Otherwise, going it alone absolutely does not work.

Because you need someone to bounce ideas around
with. To give you feedback about what’s working
and what’s not. And to solve problems before you
run out of time.

Look. If you don’t have a partner and mentor, or
someone to turn to…

You are operating with a monumental disadvantage.

That’s why we have created our monthly
Coaching Program.

Our members have the ability to pick up a phone,
dial into a live coaching call EVERY month…to
ask questions, email questions and even have Jim
or me look at specific deals or opportunities with

Having access to our Coaching Program can transform
your investing program into the wealth producer you

You get access to proven systems and by folks that
have propelled their own success and freedom program
for their own families.

We’re talking detailed coaching and systems designed
to help you…

– Become a strategic investor, with clarity, direction and

– Play to your strengths, work around weaknesses, and
WIN at creating passive cash flow.

– Find the perfect opportunities for you, driven
by your current assets, time and goals.

– Structure offers that can safely leverage your
plan and speed up your freedom date. (And this is
the best market in the last 40 years for doing
just this).

– Eliminate the roadblocks holding you back from
the success and lifestyle you want.

– Know the “numbers” in any real estate deal, so
you can improve every offer and every deal.

– Systemize almost everything so you’re not
chained to your investments.

– And put it all together as one efficient, highly-
profitable investment machine!

Now, as you can imagine, this process involves
reflection and rethinking the way you do things

Then problem solving and focused effort, so you
can make the transition from disappointed

To Successful Freedom and Security.

This is why you just can’t go it alone in business.

Why you MUST have a support system to steer you
in the right direction, and keep you on course.

And why Jim and I are making ourselves available
for you to talk to LIVE… about your specific
investment goals every month.

All in the name of YOUR success.

So take a few minutes now, and check out our
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To your success and freedom,

David and Jim

P.S. When we continue this conversation in the
coming days, we’ll go deeper into how you can
really systematize the processes in your investing
game plan, to make this work for you no matter how
much time you have or don’t have.