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Private Lending Question of the day from a reader Carl Randal… thanks for asking!

Hi Jim,

I want to be a Real Estate Catalyst and Joint Venture with an
individual that has a Self Directed IRA.  How do I link up with someone
like this? Is there a link up site or organization that you can point me
to? I don’t know anyone personally that has a Self Directed IRA.

Carl Randal


This is a pretty common question as investors realize that using banks is not the answer for investing in real estate.

I think the first key is that you should not feel the need to sell, pitch and crank up tons of marketing to find private lenders.

The fact is that people who have quite a lot of money are tired of losing it in the stock market and they realize that if the work to

preserve their capital in a bank CD they will earn a lot less then the inflation rate so they are essentially losing there too.


The number one way to find your private lenders is to simply educate people on what you do.  Maybe you need a great credibility kit,

maybe you need a coach to help you along the way or maybe you can invest in yourself to the point you understand how to connect

all the pieces.  As you gain success you will find that you simply ATTRACT the private capital that you are looking for.

Think of Self-Directed IRA
for a minute.  They are simply the best kept secret in America.  Only 2% of retirement accounts are self-directed.

That leaves a 98% opportunity to educate people on what they are, how to roll them from a 401k and invest with you as the real estate catalyst. Who do you know that has lost a corporate job and may have a 401k that could be rolled over to a self-directed IRA and become your private lender and would love to earn between 6% – 15% working with you?


I would encourage you to make a list of at least 10 people.  This list can includes Aunts, Uncles, Brothers and Sisters along with colleagues and

co-workers, maybe people you know from BNI or the local Rotary as well.  Become intentional and invite each of them individually out for lunch or

coffee so you can share you good news with them.

People are searching hard for the alternative investment and most can not invest in real estate without YOU!

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