Free Gift Friday…

Hi Everyone

I trust you are having a great holiday season this year!  If you enjoy sales then I know you are getting some great deals from the retailers this year!

The same is true with housing right now, it is on-sale and great deals are available for you so I hope you are taking action.

I want to give you a new special report that I recently completed.  The special report is on private lending and it is available on my main

facebook page.  Come join me on facebook with a “Like” and then go to the bottom of the welcome page to get my free special report.  I post a lot of

information into facebook including tips, pictures of houses I am working on and so on.  The wall is also a great way to connect to me direct with your

questions and tell me what you are working on as well.

Here is the link for you to connect:

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I had a great time speaking at RAOA this week and meeting a lot of great people!

Happy Holidays to you and your families!