Find the Violator & Buy The House!

Last week we discussed how to create a great
bandit sign campaign & find loads of motivated
sellers. The best lead generation campaign will
use all 15 of my methods. The nice thing is that
many of them are completely FREE!

That is the point behind my Guerilla Marketing for
motivated sellers. I love the effective methods
that don’t cost much money & are easy to use!

One FREE & EASY way to find motivated sellers is
to find the code violators in your local market.

When new construction building permits began to
slow a few years ago, I noticed that there was
suddenly a surge of activities to keep the
building inspectors busy & the surge was in the
form of code violations on existing houses.

Code violations provide an excellent source of
motivated seller leads. If a home is taggged with
a violation for being open and unoccupied, unsafe,
a leaking roof or even high grass, you can use
that information and market to buy the house
direct from the owner.

In most cases the owner is not intentionally
negligent. They just do not have the resources to
fix the roof, close up the house or even take care
of the yard at a vacant house.

Now is the time to learn to buy your own houses!

Want to the know the secrets of how to find this
class of motivated sellers?

I will be sharing how to market to code violators
in Dallas on March 2-3. Follow this link and plan
to join us:

To Your Success,