Don’t Miss The Last Train Out!





Are you prepared to seize the opportunity ahead?

Just this week, The Obama administration, in
conjunction with federal regulators and led by
the overseer of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac,
announced a pilot program to sell government-
owned foreclosures in bulk to investors as rentals.

Officials say they want to bring back private capital
and help support rental opportunities for households.

What does this mean for YOU???

What will your strategy be? How will you access this
once-in-a-lifetime sell-off?

Folks, it’s time to get off of the sidelines and take
the field!! Don’t look back in 2, 3 or 5 years
and wonder what happened.


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Remember, some of the greatest wealth made in
the history of our country was created during times
of national recessions and depressions.

This may be the last train out….if you pass on
this opportunity, be prepared to forever hold
your peace, because you will not likely have
another chance like this in your lifetime!

Join me, David Phelps, along with my good
friend and co-host, Jim Ingersoll, and an
All-Star guest panel including Eddie Speed,
Lisa Moren Bromma, Walter Wofford,
JohnGroom and Scott Britton.

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Listen in as these experts weigh in on how they
see the market, the trends, and how each one
is positioning themself to seize opportunities that
will, in the next 2-3 years, vault them into financial
prosperity, for not only their lifetime, but a legacy
that will transfer from generation to generation.

If you can’t make the call, we have a Plan B for
you (I’m all about having a Plan B).

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You’ll want to study and go over this information
several times….the value could literally be worth
thousands to millions of $$$ to you.
But it depends on YOU. You have to be here,
you have to take action NOW!!


Last train out!!

Get on the call or get the replay, but don’t get
caught on the sidelines!!

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To your freedom,

David and Jim

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and I will have a great bonus that you won’t want to miss!!