Do You Have A Disability Plan That Looks Like This?

Guest Posting from: David Phelps


When I had to leave my dental practice in 2004
because of my daughter, Jenna’s life-threatening
liver failure and subsequent year of transplant
recovery, I had no “Family Disability orLeave Benefits.”

As a self-employed businessman, I had no
backstop other than myself and what I had done to
provide for my Plan B.

I started investing in single-family real estate as a
freshman in dental school in 1980 and continued to
buy more property every year until in 1998 I had
over $15,000 per month in passive income from
my investments.

In that same year, my marriage unfortunately failed
I lost all of that income in the asset split. But instead
of taking me another 18 years, I was able to rebuild
that portfolio in just six years the second time so that
in 2004, I could leave my practice without a financial

America is on sale! With the opportunities available
in the real estate markets today, I could replace that
same income in 3 years or less. It’s what I love to do
and what I am passionate about today.

Why? Because I can work from anywhere. I can
schedule my time as I wish – work hard or late into
the night and then take the next 2 days off completely
if I desire.

I am no longer handcuffed to a business that requires
my daily labor. And that’s the best kind of disability
or family leave policy that I could have.

What kind of policy do you have?

If you want to learn more about how I did this and how
I can replace $15,000 of monthly income in 3 years
or less, you need to take 2 days out of your busy
and pre-scheduled life to find out how to create and
achieve true freedom.

THIS IS THE TIME! Make no mistake. We will
never see the opportunities like this again in our
lifetime. It’s up to you – if you fail to plan and take
action now, your plan will likely be to fail.

Join me and my friend and colleague, Jim Ingersoll,
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