Did you Meet Mr. X?

Did you Meet Mr. X?

The Great News IS that Real estate is on-sale, readily available and you don’t need a broker or a bank to buy it!

This week we featured Mr. X, Walter Wofford on our monthly coaching call.  Walter poured his
Heart and soul into straight up content on lead generation, systems and automation.

I took A lot of notes and here are some of the highlights:

  • Focus everyday on outsourcing lead generation to make one good offer per day
  • Invest in others by training them how to help find motivated sellers and put together deals that work
  • How to effectively get and manage a virtual assistant in India to manage the foreclosure leads and gave an example of a $90,000 house that recently sold for $6,100 at the courthouse steps
  • Direct mail campaign with specific demographics that work.  Mail 1,000 postcards and buy 10 houses (often times with zero percent seller financing)
  • Neighborhood marketing campaigns passing out flyers to owners and tenants
  • Probate marketing campaign
  • Marketing to owners who had a fire

If you missed it, here is the replay link, grab a pen and start taking notes because this is a treat for YOU

Mr X replay link

Walter is a true-blue, on the street Entrepreneur intentionally engineering as many good transactions as he can because the market is perfect right now.  He also has both his sons trained and making their own deals as well.

If you missed this call you will want to grab a notebook and pen and listen to this replay.  Take your notes as we dig into the world of virtual assistants, lead generation and buying houses direct from owners without ever needing a bank for financing.

We had a lot of people on this call from coast to coast and had a great time doing it.

Are you ready to take action and invest in yourself so you can execute your own plan of buying houses without banks?  If so, now is the time
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