Creating Wealth and Cash Flow

Creating Wealth and Cash Flow

By Jim Ingersoll

I have had some Fantastic Coaching sessions recently focusing on creating wealth and cash flow by investing in real estate.

Here is a short summary of some of the content covered:

  • Just because you have a high credit score and the ability to get some bank financing doesn’t mean it makes sense to do so because of things like the never-ending sea of underwriting criteria that invades privacy, personal guarantees that are full-recourse and put all your other assets at risk, etc. Plus, so many people have marginal credit and limited cash reserves in this economy. No one should be left out and be excluded from capitalizing in today’s real estate market.
  • Debt is needed to build your assets, cash flow and net worth but it is a double edged sword that can crush your investment model if not managed carefully. Real estate is a debt intensive business, but when the debt is managed properly (i.e. Without banks) it can be used to highly leverage real estate in a safe manner that provides fantastic returns
  • Skills to go direct to seller, negotiate low or no interest owner financing are huge in todays marketplace
  • Structuring joint ventures with private lenders will allow you to build a big portfolio of rental properties without your own cash and without banks.
  • We are starting to see appreciation!  It has been missing in recent years, but will have a huge impact as it compounds and values grow.  If you have a $1,000,000 of assets and we receive 4% appreciation for the next 5 years, the value of the portfolio will go up to $1,216,652 just with appreciation!

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Coaching With Jim Ingersoll

You would not set out driving from Boston to Miami without a road map right?

Establishing your financial future is much the same way, you need to know your starting point and where you need to end up. Once you know starting and ending, you can fill in the “Roads” that lead to your end point.

In real estate the roads for success include acquisitions strategies, private lenders, property management, tax strategies, etc.


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“There is no better day than today to plan your future” Jim Ingersoll

To Your Success!