Coaching with John Groom replay available – Time sensitive

We had a great call last night with John
Groom, a CPA who has only worked with a very
select client base over the past 30 years.

John took those years of “looking over the
shoulders” of those who were consistently
successful as well as those who “lost success”
or never found it, even though they started with
a high level education, high earning capacity
and just about every other advantage one could
think of.

So what is it??  What are the common threads
of the successful and what caused some to fail?

And what can one do today to leverage the
opportunities in the marketplace in a very short
time?  (It’s easy to create wealth if you have
25-30 years, but what if you need to get it
done faster?? – how do you buy ‘speed?’).

Here’s the replay link:
John Groom Coaching replay

But you’ve got to hurry!! We’re only leaving this up
for replay for 48 hours and then it comes down!

To your freedom,

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