Chik-Fil-A, $1,000,000 and Free & Clear Houses

Yesterday I went to lunch at Chik -Fil-A with a very good friend of mine named Ramon.  Ramon has been buying houses aggressively for the past several years and now has several dozen houses rented in his target market, which happens to be low income areas.  He does great with his plan and collects tons of rent each month.

Here is a picture of our tray from chik-fil-a, notice there are 3 sets of fries and sandwiches?

That is because Ramon brought his Nephew Victor with him.  While Ramon was away from the table I drilled Victor with some personal questions.  I had met Victor before but did not know him on a personal level.

The first question was, “how old are you Victor?” “I am 18 now Jim” is how he replied.  I said “now that you are working with Ramon and helping him with all of his rentals have you thought about being involved with real estate?”  He replied, “yes that it now my plan for my own future.” This surprised me as he was very confident in this reply.  So I continued the conversation and asked him what he planned to accomplish.  He quickly told me he was working on a plan to create $1,000,000 of rental income per year.  I followed up and asked if he knew how many houses it would take to accomplish that goal.  I was surprised when he said he calculated it to be about 100 houses FREE & CLEAR.  I invited Victor to our Boot Camp where we be teaching how to leverage real estate to create cash flow. 

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I love learning from Peter Fortunato and he always claims that most people only need about 15 free and clear houses to be financially free.  What if I could show you a way to create 25 free and clear houses that you can purchase in the next 5 years?  With 25 houses, rented at $800 per month that would create $20,000 of monthly rental income!


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I hope that got your attention.  We have people already committed to flying to Richmond to join us for this event.  If 25 free and clear and $20,000 per month is not enough for you, we will show you how to acquire more.  Want 50 free and clear?


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To your FREEDOM!