Are You Ready To Be A Real Estate Bandit & Steal Some Deals?

A few days ago I told you the story about how I
bought a cape cod style home from a family highly
motivated to sell. They found me from my bandit

Bandit signs are highly effective when used
correctly so that local code enforcement and
others do not call you and motivated sellers do
call you when they need to sell their homes.

In most cases, you have a 3 – 5 second
opportunity to capture the interest of a driver
so what can you do to be sure to catch their

Here are some critical elements to a great bandit
sign campaign:

1. Size and color – Personally I like 18 x 24
chloroplast yellow sign with black lettering.

My second choice is a white sign with either red
or blue ink.

2. Message – You must get your message across
super fast. Try using “We Buy Houses” on the top
line, phone number on the 2nd line, and if you
have a website, put it on the 3rd line of your sign.

Your message, “We Buy houses” and phone number
are the most critical in your message. I also list my
buying website,
so that potential buyers can call or contact me on the

3. Where to put them & stay out of trouble!

Where to place signs to maximize exposure and
keep code enforcement from calling you:

I recommend 10 – 25 signs in about a 5 mile
diameter so that everyone in your “Farm”
sees your message. You want enough signs that
everyone notices them and they tell the
potential buyers what is in it for them
(it is about them not YOU).

So you also do not want to annoy them by
placing hundreds of signs all over town.

Prime targets:

1. Vacant land in 40 mph sections of roads,
ideally every ½ mile apart and about 10 feet
off the road, going both directions is perfect.

2. Vacant houses on busy streets.

3. Any non-public place on busy intersections
and near off-ramps.

Best time to place your signs?
Fridays in the early morning.

This is the start of the bandit sign discussion!

Leave me questions and comments on your experiences with bandit signs